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Is Going to College Still Worth It? We Say Yes


With the internet around, there’s much debate going on about whether not a student should still pursue a degree in order to qualify for the career he/she wants to pursue. When you think about all the free and visually-appealing platforms like YouTube, Pinterest and Skillshare that offer to teach their users and encourage them to be teachers themselves, it’s understandable why more and more teens are feeling out-of-touch with traditional schooling.

There are, however, 5 things that still make going to college an irreplaceable and worthwhile experience:


  • Better chances of employment – Perhaps the most common reason why teens are still choosing to attend university is because of the universally-accepted fact that degree-holders possess better chances of employment as opposed to those who would resort to more independent opportunities to learn. For graduating students, colleges would often host job fairs to provide more direct and attractive opportunities between students and employers, and by then the students would have already experienced internships or other similar on-the-job trainings that would equip them professionally. Apart from that, most college courses and curricula are specifically designed to replicate the actual work experience so this creates more realistic expectations for students who will eventually join the workforce.


  • More opportunities to collaborate – In college (and school in general), you never know who you might be sitting next to or working with in class. The diversity of people– professors and teachers included- you can encounter could teach you a thing or two about yourself that you might not realize any other way. Also, college is the perfect opportunity to meet those with the same passions as yours; these people could even become great friends and potential partners for businesses or projects that you could eventually start up on your own.


  • Skills development – Sometimes all it takes to confidently venture into a new hobby or passion is by seeing others doing what they love. Most universities encourage this peer-to-peer growth through student organizations where students are inspired and empowered to grow and try new things in the process. There are students who discover their lifelong passions in their college years as a result of exposure to people and groups who actively develop and sustain their interests of choice.


  • Mentorship  – While there are professors with seemingly antagonistic tendencies, most college students will agree that they know at least one professor who has helped develop their knowledge and attitude towards their chosen profession and about life in general. Being able to connect with a mentor (or even several) who you can easily turn to for advice and guidance is definitely one of the best gains to expect from going to college.


  • Involvement in organizations/community – College also provides many opportunities to volunteer and serve others who are in need of the strengths and skills you possess.  These experiences open your eyes to certain realities that can’t be fully grasped by reading a textbook or going on the Internet. By helping others and working in teams to make a difference, you will find yourself understanding disadvantaged groups of people in a better light, and you might even consider such activities as a necessary part of life.


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