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Everything You Need To Know About The Industrial Arts Strand

Are you about to take the plunge into senior high but not yet sure which strand to take? If technology and industry sound interesting to you, then you might want to consider taking up the Industrial Arts strand.

The Industrial Arts strand, under the SHS Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track, is a course that develops one’s manual skill and familiarity with tools and machines. Students get to learn technical work such as repair and installation, welding, carpentry, construction, and plumbing.

But what else do you need to know about the Industrial Arts strand? And what can you do after finishing the course? This compilation of resources will help you navigate your way through this field.  

Aside from Industrial Arts, the TVL track also offers strands in Agri-Fishery Arts, Home Economics, and Information and Communication Technology. Get a panoramic view of the TVL track to better understand your range of opportunities and decide whether Industrial Arts is the right strand for you.  

Get to know the Industrial Arts strand by familiarizing yourself with the curriculum, college course options, and possible career paths.  

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This article gives you a glimpse into the dynamic field of Industrial Arts. The coolest thing about the course? You get a National Certificate II, making you eligible to get a job right after Senior High.  

  • College courses to take after studying Industrial Arts

While Industrial Arts students can opt to get a job right after Senior High, they can also go to college to pursue further education. Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are just two of the many possible college courses that await Industrial Arts graduates.  

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Best Industrial Engineering Schools in the Philippines based on CHED COE, COD

Schools play an important role in producing highly competent professionals. To recognize this importance, the Commission on Higher Education awards schools that show outstanding performance in various fields.

Here are 8 of some of the best Industrial Engineering schools in the Philippines based on CHED’s Centers of Excellence and Development.

Exploring Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a diverse branch of engineering that offers various career opportunities. The course focuses on the conceptualization, manufacturing, and operation of machinery, engines, and other structures.

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