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K-12 TVL Track Series: Information and Communication Technology Strand

Ever dreamed of becoming an animator? Interested in stepping into a career in the tech industry in the future? Taking the Information and Communication Technology strand might be the right path for you! But what is it all about and how can you benefit from it? Here are some of the important things you might want to read about this strand:

What do you need to know about ICT strand?

Information Communication and Technology or ICT strand is one of the strands offered in the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track in senior high school. It is designed to provide you with the technical skills and knowledge in using tools and equipment that allows people to interact in the digital world.

Under this strand, you will learn relevant skills and knowledge in various disciplines such as illustration, web designing and computer programming. ICT can also help you hone additional skills that you can use for employment especially if you are eyeing a career in the creative industry like animation, technical drafting or java programming. Aside from these, some of the other areas that you will learn in ICT include telecom installation and medical transcription.

The best thing about this strand is that you can earn a National Certificate on each subject, provided that you pass the assessments from TESDA. National Certificates can help boost your chances for employment in the future.

What college courses or degree programs can I take after Senior High School?

If you are planning to further your studies, here are some of the degrees that you can take for college:Computer Engineering

What are your possible professions?

Information Communication and Technology or ICT strand can provide you with a wide range of options when you graduate. Right after you finish this strand, you can already apply for a job. Here are some of the careers that you can enter in ICT:

Interested to enroll in this strand? Know more about schools offering ICT through their profile pages on Edukasyon.ph and apply directly to a school that interests you!