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New Study Habits for the New You

Once again, it is the time of the year when people try to reflect on who they are and decide who they want to be. Resolutions and bucket lists are made to help them figure out what they have done wrong in the previous year and how to make them right this new year. As a student, it is wise to include new study habits in your resolutions, as you spend most of your time studying. You are also at a stage where you are building yourself into someone you will be in the future and learning to do what you might be doing most of your life.

Figuring out how to study is best done during the new year while you are still eager to change and become a better person. This way, you are more focused and motivated in sticking to your new study habits.

To begin, here is a list of new study habits for you to try and alter, depending on your study needs.

Stop cramming

Some think that being seen taking one‘s studies seriously is not cool. That may be the case in high school. But college is a totally different game, where cramming is considered old school. There is more competition than in high school, so you have to step up and try to be the best. Study in advance and see what difference it makes in class.

Be in class when you need to be

How do you perform well in class if you are not even IN class? So, aim for 100% attendance. Being in class helps you learn more, whatever opinion you may have about it. Moreover, showing up also means being on time. Being in class is useless if you arrive during the last few minutes anyway.

Go to the library

Not a big fan of libraries or librarians? Well, you better be. The library is an information goldmine. You have just about anything and everything in it. Not to mention you can do your studying and research there in peace. You also meet potential study buddies here who are into studying.

Take a break when you need it

Listen to music, watch a movie, have something to eat, or whatever floats your boat. Just take a break when you need it. Otherwise, nothing will stick to your head. Surely, you know that you are smart enough to figure out when you are feeling lazy and when you are just feeling tired.

Customize your study time and place

Everyone has a comfort zone. Figure it out and apply it to studying. Find out when and where you are more motivated to study. Experiment and try studying at different times and in different places.

However you decide to study, make sure that it fits your needs and, of course, it is doable. After all, resolutions and bucket lists are not about how crazy you make them to be. They are goals that you set, thinking that you will do them one day. It is pointless to say that you will do something that is, in any sense, impossible to achieve. This goes the same for your study habits. The more attainable they are, the easier for you to learn things that may take longer to learn without them. Therefore, stick to your study habits toward a smarter and a better you.


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