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Saying No to Idle Holidays

You may think that the holiday season is the best time to throw your academic blues out the window, but it is surely not a time to idle about. Idle holidays is not good for anybody. Remember that the best time to devour as much information is while you are still young. As you grow older, you become busier and have less time to focus on one thing. Your brain also tends to function better when you are younger, not to mention you are less jaded as other adults who watch too much television. So why not get your grey matter working while having fun. Try out the following fun learning activities while on a holiday.

Read your favorite books.

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In school, you are required to read stuff that you may not like at all, but you are left with no choice but to read it anyway for a ticket to graduation. Reading The Republic may be such joy, but given a few days to finish them can be such dreadful experience. During the holidays, you are free to read whatever you want at your own pace. Just make sure that you read the kind you can proudly display on bookshelves.

Get creative.

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With all the lights and décor everywhere, inspiration is just a stone‘s throw away. Spend some time creating some DIY lanterns and holiday décor to give your house a more festive look. Even though you are not much of an artist, it does not hurt to try something new. Besides, being artsy-fartsy once in a while sure has its perks.

Bring out the chef in you.

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Needless to say, the holiday season is definitely that time of the year when everyone forgets about going on a diet and goes all out with the chowing. However, it may also be that time of the year when everyone thinks it is rude to say no – no matter how inedible something looks. Seize this chance and prepare some dishes for holiday meals. Experiment with herbs, spices, and other ingredients and create a scrumptious dish. After all, it is the thought that comes with the preparation of the dish that counts.

Participate in friendly competition.

friendly competition

Whoever said that Scrabble, Monopoly, and chess are no fun has probably lost every time. These games are classics and will never go out of style or lose their edge over computer games and malls. Surprisingly, they also never fail to make bonds stronger after fighting over points, accusations of cheating, and bailing out of games due to a losing streak. It is not often that your family spends as much time together as you do during the holidays, so these games can definitely bring you together.

Spending the holidays doing something useful and mentally stimulating can definitely give you a sense of accomplishment. You get to hone your skills and discover your hidden talents while others stare at the TV all day and oversleep, missing their chance of being better individuals in the coming new year. The holiday season does not exist for you to slack off, so get to work, have fun, and exercise that brain.


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