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School Playlist: Study and Click Play

Studying can be a little dull at times, or most of the time, and what’s one thing that can lighten up the heavy mood of burying your face in mountains of books? What else, but good music in your phone’s playlist. Now here’s a share of various songs with a big push for when I am so occupied with my studies

1.    Be Okay – Oh Honey

When I’m starting to complain about all the loads of books and papers that I still have to review and read, this song makes everything better. It reminds me to be thankful that despite piles of workload I have yet to finish, I am alive and I should celebrate the feeling of learning.

2.    Best Day of My Life – American Authors (Acoustic cover)

Instead of ranting and procrastinating, this song gives me good vibes and never fails to boost my mood every time it plays. It shifts my thoughts from thinking that my “review day” is an annoying day, it can instead be the best day of my life!

3.    With a Smile – South Border feat. Kelly Badon

A mellow kind of sound trip but really does give me the warmth I am looking for when I’m on the brink of giving up (by which I mean sleeping). A simple yet meaningful song that will surely leave a smile on your face after it plays.

4.    Wings – Little Mix (Acoustic version)

When people are bringing you down or you feel like the world is turning its back on you, this song will lift your spirits up. Just a powerful reminder of how great you are.

5.    Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

This reminds me that I am still on the beginning of life, everything is yet to unfold and the rest is still unwritten and will only be written by me. It makes me realize that I am the author of my life and if I start writing good beginnings, I have a great chance in writing a happy ending as well. Good beginnings by studying well and finishing my studies.

6.   Better When I’m Dancin’ – Meghan Trainor

This is one of her songs that is not too upbeat but still catchy at the same time. I play this every time I take a short break and do some stretching or better yet, dance after hours of sitting and writing. I assure you that after this song, you’ll be ready to study again.


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