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5 Types of Senior High Kids in Every GAS Class

We have all met them, one way or another. 😀

While the other strands are career-specific, the General Academic Strand is great for students who have not yet decided their preferred college course.

Undecided? You’re not alone.  #NoPressure because GAS will give you a taste of every strand.

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That is why your GAS classmates, just like your subjects, are a variety. These are the 5 types of people you are most likely to meen in this strand.

Get the best seatmates under this track as you go through the subjects that are offered in the curriculum such as Humanities, Social Sciences, Applied Economics, Organization and Management, and Disaster Preparedness.

1. The Brainy One

Sila yung magtataka ka kung anong ginagawa nila sa GAS samantalang magaling na sila sa Science at Math. But for sure, they are the ones you should be best buddies with! The brainy ones are those you can always hold on to kapag naloloka ka na sa classes mo. They can catch you once you fall due to the gravity (or grave, teh!) of science and math-related senior high subjects.

Possible SHS Track relation: STEM

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  1. The Chikadora

Definitely the life of the party! Sila yung mga hindi nawawala sa list ng top… na maiingay sa klase. They are the ones who can talk for hours. Don’t get fooled. Sila din yung mga smarty pants sa class who’s got the confidence to stand up and present when reporting. They are your go-to people when it comes to subjects like Humanities, History, Governance, and other social science-related.

Possible SHS Track relation: HUMSS

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  1. The Calculator

It is all about the money. Sometimes you hate them, sometimes not. Sila yung kuripot pero galante kapag nanlibre. They are business-minded in a way too! Everything is calculated to make sure that all is accountable. Sila yung usually Treasurer ng klase because of: A. Magaling sila sa paghawak ng pera or B. Makulit sila maningil at may pang-abono kapag kulang. Sila din yung magaling sa entrepreneurship classes niyo.

Possible SHS Track relation: ABM

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  1. The MVP

Ito yung mga taong nage-excel kapag PE class. Pwedeng miyembro ng school varsity team or ng basketball league. Marami-rami rin silang extracurricular activites kaya hindi mo madalas makita sa klase. Pero wag ka, huli man lagi, up-to-date sa mga nagaganap sa class or sa lessons ng subject.

Possible SHS Track relation: Sports Track

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  1. The Artist

Nasa dulo man lagi ng classroom or nasa isang sulok, itong mga artist naman yung may pa-mysterious effect. Ganern. There are also times that these people are the ones who are talkative and talented. As in, class pride sa talent! They are probably the singers, actors, illustrators, or dancers of the class.

Possible SHS Track relation: Arts and Design Track

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