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8 Signs That You Are Indeed for Arts and Design Track

Once an artist, always an artist.

People say na walang career when you take Arts and Design.

Sabi nila, it is from this

To this:

But always remember

Kahit artist ka, may future ka! Especially now with the K to 12 curriculum on Arts and Design!

If you are into artistry and you want to work immediately, then the Arts and Design Track is for you! This track will prepare you as you wander around the design, performative, and creative industry. What this track aims is to get you a career in this field after you graduate. Art is not a fad but will get you to real job.

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Bes, abot na abot mo na ang pangarap mong bituin dahil sa Arts & Design Track, ikaw ang bida!

Hindi ka pa ba sure kung go ka na dito? Then check if you have the 8 signs of going to the Arts and Design Track.


  1. You are talented enough to pursue a career in the creative and performative industry.

Sa Arts and Design Track, ang talento mo ay siya ring kinabukasan mo dahil ito ang puhunan mo para magkaroon ng magandang trabaho, makapasok sa kolehiyo, o makapagpatayo ng sarili mong negosyo!


  1. You want to discover your limits and other skills in various industries.

Get to discover your capabilities and stretch what you can do in industries of music, theatre, visual arts, media arts, and dance. You can gain various skills such as song composing, stage performing, illustrating, sculpting, photography, or choreography under this track.


  1. You are into the Filipino culture and arts.

One of the best things about Arts and Design is that it aims not only to ensure that you can get a livelihood out of your interest in arts and design but also to help various regions in the country in preserving their local culture. Oh di ba, bes? #AtinIto

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  1. You want to be a skilled artist – not only frontstage but also backstage!

The Arts and Design Track intends to provide students with knowledge of the different arts and design forms, materials, media, and production in the creative industries. You can also make your own studio after taking subjects such as furniture arts, ceramics, jewelry and clothing, costume, and set design. Hindi ka lang pang-acting, pwede ka na ring pang-stage designing. Ayos ah!


  1. You are into doodling, cartooning, photography, or editing.

Motto mo in life is #NoToMedyoOkray works and #NoToMediocre art. You will be equipped with different media arts skills like animation, web design, or interactive mobile applications. Grab on that mouse as you use CAD or computer-aided design software like the AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, Maya, Photoshop, 3ds MAX and VRAY.


  1. You want to work immediately after senior high in the arts and creative field.

College is not totally your plan. Under this track, you can get jobs in the fields of multimedia production, advertising, corporate communications, graphic designing, filmmaking, photography, and desktop publishing. See? Kulayan natin yang drawing na yan!


  1. You want to write, write, write.

Kung akala mo na ang Arts and Design ay para lang sa gustong mag-artista. Wawawee, beshie. Enhancing your skills in writing under the Arts and Design Track can get you jobs such as song composers or script writers.

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  1. You are you!

Sabi nila, walang kita sa creative industry. Wrong! The world is out there and it is yours to claim it as you proceed in the Arts and Design Track.  Still going to college? Well, fit pa rin ang Arts and Design Track for those who want to pursue degrees. Sign up to courses such as Fine Arts, Art Studies, Film, Performing Arts, and Interior Design since you now have the basic skills and knowledge of these fields.


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