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SHS Sports Track: What is it all about?

As part of the tracks offered in Senior High School under the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum, the Sports Track aims to give students an understanding of the basic techniques and principles related to physical education and recreation. In this program, you will be exposed to various concepts such as the social, psychological, and cognitive development in sports leadership and management.

Subjects under Sports Track

Sports Track is not just about playing and dancing. It involves comprehension of the human movements through anatomy and physiology. You will encounter interesting topics like sports officiating, safety and first-aid, and fitness testing.

Benefits of taking Sports Track in Senior High

Discover numerous ways on how you can benefit from taking a Sports Track other than physical development –from improving your memory, long-term health, to increasing your chances for an athletic scholarship.

Athletic Scholarships in the Philippines

You can also use your athletic talent to fund your education. Search and apply in various schools in the country that offers athletic scholarships.

Career opportunities in Sports Track

Sports Track is not technically limited in the sports field only. There is also a wide range of career options that you will encounter with each one providing an exciting journey for your future.

List of schools in the country that offer Sports Track

Ready to start your senior high journey under the Sports Track? Get to know different schools in the country known for their varsity leagues and excellent performances in collegiate sports. And if you’re ready to apply to your school of choice, browse through thousands of schools in the country that provide SHS Sports Track programs and apply through Edukasyon.ph now!