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STEM MythBusters: Celebrity Edition

With the country’s shift to the K-12 curriculum comes decisions students have to make— like which tracks and strands to take in Senior High. You know… just major life decisions at barely two decades of your existence. No. big. deal.

people talking about decisions

In a developing country like the Philippines, the government encourages students to take up Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with the hopes of launching a more innovative and competitive science and technology industry at par with our ASEAN neighbors. The sky’s the limit!

While STEM education’s a sure step towards that dream, there are some common misconceptions getting in the way of students’ considering it. Good thing, these famous personalities already busted three of these major STEM myths:



Meet the MythBusters: Ariella Arida, Janine Tugonon, and Shamcey Supsup

STEM Myth: It’s NOT for girls

Beauty queens Ariella, Janine, and Shamcey proved STEM has no gender when they graduated from their degree programs. Janine took BS Pharmacy at the University of Santo Tomas, while Ariella and Shamcey both graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Chemistry and Architecture degree, respectively. Such beauty and brains!

Did we mention Janine and Shamcey’s latin honors? Yup, we just did. #slayqueens

So yasss we’ve reached a more inclusive society nowadays (hooray!), but apparently gender stereotypes still persists— including the academe. Thinking like “hard sciences are for men, social sciences and humanities for women” limits a person’s potential when there isn’t even a need to classify one for the other. Just imagine when we don’t even have to have this argument?

shocked woman



Meet the MythBuster: Chris Tiu

STEM Myth: It lacks fun and creativity

So there’s that right brain, left brain discussion too. Either you’re running on reason or flying in creativity. Who says it can’t be both? Since STEM’s curriculum deals with A LOT of formulas and equations, people often feel captive in the realm of numbers when in fact it’s knowledge that breeds fun and creativity. Just ask resident heartthrob, Chris Tiu!

Thanks to his impressive record on the hard court, people would automatically think Chris Tiu had a degree in sports. Surprisingly for the fans, the star athlete actually took Management Engineering at the Ateneo de Manila University, with latin honors! #pogipoints. He also hosts an informative science show called iBilib which features scientific experiments that spell F-U-N.

man reporting



Meet the MythBuster: Atom Araullo

STEM Myth: It deprives you of social life

Nope, STEM students do not live in caves. Although they would likely to spend most of their time in laboratories with their constants a.k.a. DNA samples or CAD plates, they definitely know how to enjoy their lab life as much as their social life. For this one, we can take a cue from Atom Araullo!

reporter in the rain

With a stellar career as a journalist and reporter, we shouldn’t even be asking whether he took a Journalism degree in college or not, right?

BREAKING NEWS: He’s a BS Applied Physics graduate from the University of the Philippines.

Atom was also a student leader and activist back in college. If that ain’t enough for social life, he actually sings (talk about lead roles in a musical!!) and have a pet named Snoopy!


As change drives progress, we need brilliant minds like yours which can push the walls beyond the impossible through science. Who knows, you might be the next STEM mythbuster!

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