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Summer Workshops for Students this 2018

More fun ways to beat the heat this summer!

Summer is definitely one of the most awaited moments of any student’s life. It’s a time for fun and adventure with friends and family. And it’s the perfect break from all the stress, deadlines and scary teachers from your school. 

While summer can be spent visiting new places or relaxing in the comfort of your own home, a lot can be done in a span of three months. With that much free time in your hands, there are numerous ways to be more productive this year such as signing up for workshops to learn a new skill, discover a talent that’s been there all along, or step out of your comfort zone.

Here are some new experiences perfect for your summer break:

1. Speak a new language

There are a lot of benefits that come with learning a new language. One gets better memory recall, slimmer chances of developing disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, and a longer attention span.

Some institutions that offer lessons include Instituto Cervantes for Spanish, Alliance Francais de Manille for French and Unmei Nihonggo Center for Japanese – to name a few.

  • Instituto Cervantes:  (02) 526 14 82
  • Alliance Francais de Manille: (02) 895 75 85
  • Unmei Nihonggo Center: (02) 584 78 11

2. Swim like Ariel

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to swim with the fishes as a real-life merman/mermaid? There’s a school in Manila that offers lessons on how to swim with a tail. At the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA), your fairytale dreams can come to life. The classes are offered at different levels depending on your swimming abilities and are available in several locations including Manila, Cebu, Boracay and Anilao, Batangas.

3. Get crafty

Art is a great way to destress and channel positive energy. Since the emergence of online platforms to showcase art, a lot of independent artists have then made it a point to give back to their patrons by conducting various workshops across Metro Manila.

  • Young Artist’s Studio: www.youngartiststudio.com / 435 5971

4. Learn a new sport

Sports and other forms of physical recreation are not only great ways to develop a sense of camaraderie and leadership; It also helps keep your health in check. Moreover, sports can help improve your focus and alertness. There are multiple sports programs to sign up for – mostly offering clinics for sports like basketball, volleyball, tennis, taekwondo, archery and the like.

  • The Archery Academy: thearcherycademy.wixsite.com
  • MILO Sports Clinic: www.milo.com.ph
  • B.E.S.T. Center (available in Ateneo, International Christian Academy, Starmall Alabang, Xavier
  • School, Malate Catholic School and Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary): 411 6260/372 3066

5. Express yourself through acting workshops

Theatre is still considered as one of the best forms of entertainment today. Psychologically, performance is said to be a great outlet and an effective way to build one’s confidence. This makes theatre arts one of the ways students can maintain good mental health.

Theatre companies that offer summer workshops include Repertory Philippines, Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA), and Trumpets Playshop.

  • Repertory Philippines: 843 3570
  • PETA: +639053696003
  • Trumpets Playshop: 901 4364/818 1111 local 235

6. Volunteer for a good cause

Nothing is more fulfilling than to know you have contributed something good and positive in the world. Take some time into making your community a better place by volunteering at a local shelter or by starting a new environment-friendly project. You can also reach out to your local communities to find out if there are causes you can participate in. Schools and universities also have a lot of socio-civic endeavors that might need volunteers. Grab your BFFs and go make a difference!