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Here’s Why You Should Talk to Your Guidance Counselor

Your guidance counselor can be your best friend. They are excellent, well-trained professional that can help you in making big life decisions. “Be sure to get to know your school counselor. They are your biggest advocate” – Student Advisor


Follow these simple steps and consult your Guidance Counselor:

Setting an appointment. Setting an appointment with your school counselor is easy! Walk into their office, introduce yourself, and state your grade level and your goal of entering College. Your school counselors are probably the nicest and most accommodating people you will ever meet. Plus, you can be as honest as the day! Confidentiality is strictly practiced so no need to be afraid or hesitant. Make sure to set a one-on-one session and schedule succeeding sessions as well. This won’t be a one-time thing, be ready for multiple visits and to becoming best friends with your school counselors!
Ask honest questions. You probably are juggling a lot of questions at this stage. Things like “graduation” and “college” aren’t terms you haven’t heard before but let’s face it, you are close to clueless as to how to go about this.
Your school counselors are always there to help, so don’t be afraid and go ask away! It would be best to list down questions and go through them one at a time with your school counselors. Ask as many questions and make sure everything is clear to you. If you are still confused, ask again!

Here are some questions you might want to ask:

a. What are the colleges out there?

b. What course is right for me?

c. What are credited units, audited units, cuts, majors, minors, and GPA’s/QPI’s?

d. Should I consider studying here, in other provinces, in the metro, or even abroad?

e. Am I qualified and what else can I do?

f. How do I apply to these institutions?

g. How do I prepare for the entrance exams?

h. What are my chances and should I even bother?

i. How do I pay for it and what are my options?

j. What if I pick the wrong course?
Reviewing of academic records. Sit down and discuss your academic performance with your counselor. They will help you identify your strengths and weakness. On areas that need improvement, your school counselors can help you find ways in which you can cope and catch up. Readiness is key for college application and your counselors would know what to do to help!
Application process. After you’ve familiarized yourself with all the college, identified what course and college you want to pursue, it’s time to start securing application forms. Your school counselor will help you get the application forms and guide you through filling it up. Some application forms do not come free. If you are financially incapable of shouldering the cost, your school counselor can call up the admissions office of the school requesting to waive the application fee due to circumstance.
Some schools will request for essays to be sent so make sure you create a draft and send to your school counselors for checking.  Keep a schedule and ALWAYS pass on time. Your school counselors will be running after you and will continually remind you. They are there to help you to be as ready as possible. The next steps are taking the entrance exams and waiting for confirmation. Good or bad, your school counselors will be behind your back, always guiding you towards the next steps.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on Guidance Counselor – Your best friend!

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