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The 7 Teacher Types to Watch Out for This School Year

New school year, new teachers! Think you can add to this list?


  1. The Grumpy Cat

Most students know a teacher like this: always in the grumps no matter how sunny and bright the day is. For some reason, no one can really pinpoint what’s causing that constant frown on their face, but you just choose to roll with it instead of asking why (after all, who knows what that could trigger?). Sometimes you’d even wonder if they would still choose the teaching profession if given another lifetime.


Tip: If you dare, attempt to make this teacher smile. It might be the most fulfilling thing you get done this school year.


  1. The Storyteller on Replay

It’s all good if the narratives were related to the lesson, and it can even be a break from the information overload –but a random, repetitive story from eons ago about how things were much better in the good old days? Hard pass.


  1. The Lodi

You know that teacher who always seems to be super chill and nice and also manages to deliver each lesson like a pro? Yup, endangered species right there. Protect at all costs!


  1. The One with Major Mannerisms

Who doesn’t count the consistent um’s, hand gestures, and times they tuck their hair behind their ear? (Okay, maybe not that last one!) There’s bound to be one teacher who has a trademark phrase, mannerism, or annoying habit that’s quietly driving you nuts.


  1. The Tale as Old as Time

You’ve gotta hand it to these ones –their dedication to teach for years and years and grow old in the profession is truly admirable, especially when you think about how easily bored kids can get with all the technology around. Salute to the veterans with big hearts!


  1. The Fully Loaded Teacher

Who doesn’t know a teacher who still manages to project a booming voice and be game for anything after handling 5 classes straight, all the while carrying all their visual aids around? Amazingly, most teachers fall under this category because of how they manage their energy extremely well. (What is this mysterious source of power?!)


  1. And last but not the least… the Inspirational One.


This teacher is the main reason you still come to class, simply because s/he inspires you in the simplest ways –from the uplifting remarks to the goal-setting tips, to the unsolicited words of encouragement you never thought you needed. This teacher might have even influenced your career goals. Thanks teach!


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