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The 9 Students You’ll Meet on the First Day

First day of school, you have your bag ready, dressed to the absolute best and ready to impress. You walk into the room and there you see it. The melting pot that is the first day inside your classroom. All kinds of zany and incredible characters just waiting for their stories to be shared, each one unique in their own way. So, it is time to meet your classmates.

The Wandering Spirit

Italy? Been there. Spain? Done that. Tokyo? Nothing new. These people spent their school breaks travelling all over the world. If you can name a country, they have probably been there. The wandering spirit has just that: a wandering spirit. They find the beauty in each place they visit and cannot wait for their next trip. You can usually find them sitting with groups, telling some story about some piece of clothing or an accessory they got on a trip and the wacky story behind it.

The Overachiever

This is the person to look out for the entire year if your aim is to be at the top of the class. Their entire vacation was spent buried head-first in workbooks, and no day passed by without a review or a practice test. Their vacation romance was with the academe and it is now a long-term relationship. They came prepared with advanced readings on the first day, and they are ready for the rest of the year. They are in it to win it. You can find the Overachiever seated somewhere in front of the class, reading up one last time before class starts.

The Underachiever

The polar opposite of the Overachiever, the underachiever avoided studying at all costs. Their vacation was simply that: a vacation. Whether it be staying home on a sixteen-hour video game marathon or going out every day with their friends, the underachiever did anything but study. Their greatest achievement over the break was probably finishing five series on Netflix in a month. You can find the Underachiever seated at the back of the room, lounging back on the wall and enjoying their last taste of freedom before that opening bell.

The Better-Late-Than-Never

See any empty chairs in the room? That is where you would find the Better-Late-Than-Never, if they had even bothered to show up on time. This is the student who probably forgot that he or she actually has an 8:30 am class. You can find them twenty minutes after class starts, casually strolling in wearing hoodie and sweatpants, dreading the idea that they have to start waking up earlier than noon again.

The Boy/Girl Scout

The scout’s motto: always come prepared, and that is exactly what they did. They came prepared for any and everything. Peep in to their bag and you will find an endless collection of colored pens, pencils, notepads, notebooks, index cards, you name it. Anything you might need on the first day, they have. You can usually find them arranging their things on their table, organizing everything to a T.

The Storyteller

Ever dreamed of having an event-filled summer? One where anything interesting that could happen to you DID happen? Well, this person is the lucky one who had that dream vacation. There was no shortage of interesting events in this person’s life, and they aren’t afraid to tell you about them. Sit by them and you will find an endless number of stories about their life, detailing each incredible encounter after the next. Similar to the Wandering Spirit, you can find the Storyteller in a group, telling another tale of their journeys.

The Door Chimes

If you are greeted by someone immediately when you step foot in the door, chances are they are The Door Chimes. These are the people who welcome you in with a friendly hello, and help you get settled in to class. Typically an extrovert, the Door Chimes person will most likely be your first friend in school. You can find them eagerly waiting by the door to greet another new face.

The Early Bird

Now let’s say you show up pretty early to class but find someone has beat you to the title of first. That person is the Early Bird. As the name suggests, the Early Bird is the first one to class, showing up before your fellow classmates and sometimes even teachers. They are eager to learn and come to school to get a head-start. On some rare chances, however, they just so happened to be the poor soul who wishes to be at home but is the earliest due to an unfortunate school bus route. The Early Bird gets the worm, or in this case, the perfect attendance record.

The New Kid

Finally, we have the fresh face. The New Kid just transferred from a different school and is now in an unfamiliar environment. There are usually two ways to go about this for the New Kid. They can either go the extrovert route, going around and making friends with everyone, or they can stay quiet in their solitude until some kind soul (most likely the Door Chimes) approaches them and makes conversation. You can find the New Kid around the classroom, eagle-eyed looking for his potential friends and exploring how the rest of his life in this school will go.

Which of these student personas you can identify yourself with the most?

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