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The Importance of Statistics in Everyday Life

Most students may dread having to deal with Math in school and even question the importance of actually taking the subjects. Though this may be the case, Mathematics actually contributes a lot to society more than it’s been credited for.

Statistics is the study that deals with the collection and analysis of data. It is mostly used to keep records, calculate probabilities, and provide knowledge. Basically it helps us understand the world a little bit better through numbers and other quantitative information.

Here are a few instances where statistics can be very useful in everyday life:

In Safety

Oftentimes, we rely on announcements from certain agencies or departments to send out reports regarding information on natural calamities. Earthquake, weather, and volcanic predictions are all calculated through a series of statistical methods.

Without records and formulas, we will be unable to predict when the latest storm is coming. We won’t be able to make the necessary precautions when an earthquake strikes. Statistics, in this sense, gives us a heads up so we can prepare better in case of emergencies.

In Health

Certain drugs and other types of medication are carefully formulated through data produced by a chemist with the use of chemistry and statistics. Statistics makes sure all substances have the correct measurements and also calculates how likely people can be cured by a certain prescription.

In Sports

Without Statistics, we may not be able to enjoy sports as much as we wouldn’t be able to keep track of scores and team standings. Winners won’t be determined as there will be a system to identify progress in games. In the world of sports, statistics is the main tool used to measure an athlete’s level of skill and tendency. It is the metric to evaluate efficiency of teams as well.

With Personal Life

Insurances are also banked on calculations rooted in statistics. You are able to secure your future better financially through various algorithms that more or less give you a better idea on how to plan your life better.

As you can see, Stat is more than just a Math subject you have to take for the completion of your required units at the university. It’s a very practical study that makes life so much easier for us all.

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