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The Most Common College Application Requirements Needed From Your High School

Aside from passing college entrance exams, there are certain documents you need to submit as part of your application. Most, if not all, of these documents will come from your high school so it pays to familiarize yourself with the registrar and other administrative offices of your school.

Academic Records

Scholastic Record, Transcript of Record, Report Card, or Form 138- these are just some of the records that colleges ask for. Basically, this is a record of your grades throughout your stay in high school. In fact, universities don’t just look at grades from your last year but also consider your academic standing all through senior high school. Knowing this, it’s best to be conscious of grades as early as the first grading period. A copy of your Transcript of Records is usually requested from the school registrar.

Certificate of Good Moral Character

This document shows any rulebook violations incurred during High School. Offenses, warnings, suspensions, or serious violations are reflected in the Certificate of Good Moral Character. But if you did not commit any violation of your school rule book, then your certificate will certainly indicate that you are of good moral character. The first tip to getting a clean record in school is by knowing what the school handbook says. Knowing even the simple rules of class attendance and tardiness will go a long way. The handbook is not only a book of do’s and don’ts, but also ensures a safe community for the entire school community.

Certificate of Completion

The college application process begins on your senior year, so you might ask, how will the universities know if a student will graduate from high school? A Certificate of Completion is requested by colleges first instead of a diploma. This ensures that a student has completed all the requirements for graduation. It can be tempting to be chill during your last few days of high school but remember that there can be minor requirements that you might have missed so better be safe than sorry.

Principal’s Recommendation

This form often comes from the college application kit and each school may follow a different format. There are different ways to accomplish this requirement. The forms can be submitted by the whole batch to the principal through a batch representative or a guidance counsellor. This way, the whole student body is assured to receive a recommendation from the principal. If not enough students are interested to request in bulk, another way to do this is to individually submit the form with a cover letter. The cover letter should serve as a reintroduction of yourself and will be the main basis of the principal’s recommendation. Be sure to include personal information, membership in school activities, and awards received.

Recommendation Letter from a Teacher

Some universities will ask for a more personal recommendation letter, preferably from your class adviser. A tip would be to request a recommendation from a teacher who knows your body of work, has mentored you, or been your teacher for several years. These are the teachers whose classes or school organizations you excelled in and received good grades from. Also, don’t be limited to senior year teachers. You certainly have a lot of teachers throughout high school who are willing to write about your positive character and achievements.

As you prepare these documents for your college application, you will not only look back on your senior year but the rest of your high school. If as early as junior high, you’ve already developed good study habits, built positive relationships with teachers, participated in extracurricular activities, and established a good reputation, these documents will reflect your hard work and make you a worthy college applicant.