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Top 10 Apps To Make Your Senior High School Life Easier

Are your parents already giving you a hard time because you’re glued to social media all the time? What if you can maximize your tablets and phones to give you more than just selfie styles?  If you are a senior high school student who needs help in staying focused, doing well in your studies, and even improving your habits in general, these 10 free apps can be your new go-to apps as you move on to the next phase of your life as a young adult.

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Known as one of America’s leading and reliable dictionaries, Merriam-Webster could now be downloaded in a snap. This app lets you quickly perform searches to find the meaning of words, their origin, pronunciations and some examples that uses the words in sentences.  You can even brush up on your vocabulary through its Word of the Day feature!

2. Google Drive (iOS, android)

Ever wondered if it’s possible to organize files from your computer down to your mobile phones? This free storage app from Google has an easy-to-use mobile format that allows sharing of documents, collaborating on tasks, and storing of hundreds of files.

3. Office Lens

This app is essential in capturing slides and presentations- you just  take a photo of  your professor’s whiteboard notes or your group’s brainstorming efforts and the app automatically converts it to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint formats that can easily be read by most smart phones.

4. World Atlas

This app provides a high-resolution world map that is easy to zoom and navigate. For added value, the app provides world flags and facts such as government types and capitals of each country.  Very useful for your Geography and World History classes.

5. 30/30 (available on iOS)

30/30 is a simple task manager that will help boost your productivity to get stuff done in the most efficient way possible. The app requires a list of tasks and a length of time for each so as the timer starts, it will tell you when to move on to the next task.

6. Power Nap

Having a hard time concentrating on a homework? Feeling stuck in a task you’ve been doing for hours?  Take a break from your hectic schedule by using this app. This tool will let you set the exact and optimal amount of time you need for a power nap so you wake up with a fresh mind and a recharged body.

7. Wolfram Alpha

Math is not just about the final answer to an equation. Sometimes, the step-by-step process of solving a problem is far more important so you can better understand the whole concept. With help of this app, you will get to understand each step by showing formula details, graphic representations and explanations.

8. myHomework

myHomework is a digital planner so you don’t miss out an assignment or a project. Aside from allowing users to take note of assignments and deadlines, this app includes features where you can prioritize, mark items as complete, get reminders and view upcoming assignments.

9. goREACT

Chemistry and students taking up science in general, rejoice! Apart from the usual periodic table, this app lets you drag elements into the reaction area and wait for a resulting compound. Each successful reaction produces a picture and a fact sheet about the compound formed.

10. TED

Need a kick of inspiration? With the TED app, you can download, listen, and view the transcripts of speeches from a diverse group of speakers who talk about their inspiring stories and careers. No matter which course you’re in or whatever your interests are, you are sure to find a TED Talk you’ll enjoy.


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