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What is the Most Common Struggle After Senior High School?

We all get that question from elders at family gatherings. “Saan ka mag-co-college? [Where are you going to college?]” “Anong gagawin mo after high school? [What are you doing after high school?]”

Let’s be honest, it’s scary to think about. But tito/tita, what if we don’t know? What if we can’t afford our dreams? You’re not alone. And there are stats to prove it.

What’s your next step after high school? Survey says…

Canon survey says 95% of high school students plan to go to college, 2.5% plan to work right after, and 2.7% are still undecided!

Canon and Edukasyon.ph surveyed over 600 senior high schoolers about their plans after SHS and what challenges they’d face along each path. They asked whether they wanted to go to college, work, start a business, or are undecided. They also asked why students are pursuing their chosen paths as well as what challenges are stopping them. Guess what they found out?

94.7% plan to go to college.

2.6% want to go straight to work, or set up a new business.

And 2.7% are still undecided!

What’s stopping you from pursuing your path? Survey says…

Unsurprisingly, the most common struggle senior high school students face, regardless of the path they choose, is a lack of financial resources. This is especially true for those planning to go to college, as 61% of those who answered say it’s what keeps them from pursuing their course.

On a related note, majority of senior high students say that the reason for pursuing their chosen path is to earn money to support their family. Many students also cited lack of work experience as a major challenge.

How do I get through these challenges? Edukasyon PH says…

Given it’s a common fear to not have enough funds to see your education through, we’ve got some helpful tips and resources to help you out!

For those who want to pursue college…

You can apply for a scholarship, which takes a huge load off your educational expenses. These are usually merit-based, depending on your grades or your extra-curricular activities like sports. Scholarships can provide for either full tuition or partial tuition, sometimes even including miscellaneous expenses or allowances.

You can sign up and apply for a scholarship through Edukasyon PH. Here’s how to get started.

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For those who want to work…

Start applying for internships. Yes, even in high school! Brainstorm on passion projects for future business ideas. Don’t discount your extra-curricular activities either!

And we’re not just talking about sports or athletics. Joining organizations, participating in charity work or joining meaningful causes, even helping out at your local community events is a way to gain experience and network yourself. Earning these soft skills will fuel your work ethic and make you a valuable employee in your career!

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For those who are undecided…

It’s okay to not know yet what to do. Maybe you’re not sure what course to take yet in college. Or maybe you have too many interests to pursue that you think limit your career options. (Spoiler alert, it actually broadens your horizons!)

Take the time to reflect. Pursue your passions. Do things you love, and see what interests you. Normally that’s where you excel and learn new skills and training.

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Life after Senior High School doesn’t need to be so terrifying! We have your back!

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