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What is the Senior High Voucher Program?

To help students pay for SHS, DepEd created a voucher program that will subsidize the education for Grade 10 completers who will study in private schools. This aims to help ease parents’ worries in paying their children’s tuition fees for Senior High School.

What is the Voucher Program?

The voucher program is a scheme which provides subsidies to students who prefer to study in a private or non-DepEd Senior High School.
Grade 10 completers from public schools and all Grade 10 completers in private schools receiving ESC grants are automatically voucher recipients.
Private high school Grade 10 completers who are not ESC grantees are eligible for the voucher program.

How much is my voucher worth?

The amount of the voucher depends on the type of high school student and the location of the SHS one chooses to study.
Public Grade 10 students receive 100% of the voucher value
Private Grade 10 students who are ESC grantees are given 80% of the voucher value.
A Grade 10 student completer from public or private schools who intends to enroll in a local or state college or university will be given 50% of the voucher value.
The class adviser and Guidance Counsellor are on hand to advise the student in how to compute one’s voucher value.

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