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All About Senior High

What’s Next After Senior High School?

Senior High School was recently introduced to the Philippines’ educational system. And you may be wondering what difference two years can make to your education.

Senior High School offers tracks geared towards a student’s interest. You have the option to take classes specialized in academics, technical-vocational livelihood, sports, arts, and design. With this, you will be equipped with skills that will prepare you for your future whether it be in employment, entrepreneurship, tech-voc training or higher education.

One of the main objectives of Senior High School (SHS) is to prepare students for employment. Department of Education (DepEd), in partnership with different companies, is currently working on creating job opportunities and options for SHS graduates. With the program, students will no longer need a college degree to gain employment.

The new curriculum also encourages students to become entrepreneurs with the inclusion of classes geared towards running and managing businesses. The entrepreneurship module offers classes that teach basic business management which will allow you to implement business ideas brewing in class or make profit from a passion.

Meanwhile, those who decide to pursue a technical-vocational track will be qualified to apply for TESDA Certificates of Competency (COC) and National Certificates (NC). With the different tracks offered by Senior High School, the skills and competencies needed for COC/NC certification will be part of the curriculum eliminating the need to enroll in a separate basic class to develop those skills.

Aside from these, SHS also better prepares students to pursue higher education as SHS classes, especially those in the academic track, serve as an introduction to some college courses.  These classes not only help students in acquiring knowledge in their chosen courses but also help them in making informed decisions on which course to choose.

All in all, SHS graduates are given opportunities for employment previous high school graduates did not have. Upon graduation, you will be more equipped for employment, employment, entrepreneurship, a tech-voc career and higher education.

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