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Why The STEM Work Immersion Works

It’s one thing to solve problems and balance equations, another to see it come to life right before your eyes. Good thing, this is an opportunity every Grade 11 and 12 student under the K-12 curriculum will be given before they graduate Senior High!

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Through the work immersion program, the students get a glimpse of what’s ahead in their chosen career. While others see it as just another subject to pass and get over with, the Department of Education (DepEd) envisions it as a great avenue for students to be exposed in the industry and be equipped with real-life skills and competencies.

If you’re a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) student and are still not yet convinced how this whole immersion thing will be of help to you, here are five good reasons why this sorta on-the-job training stint works well for you:


1. You apply classroom lessons to real-life situations.

Sometimes, there are lessons that are best appreciated in action than on paper. By undergoing the work immersion, you’ll have the opportunity to apply and appreciate concepts taught inside the classroom when you do things first-hand in the field. Think of it as a next level science experiment, only with real-world implications. So go get your hard hat or lab goggles ready because experience is about to be your next teacher!

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2. You learn from the experts in the field.

Your teachers do a wonderful job in explaining lessons that make the complex, simple. When you start with your work immersion, you’re gonna see the simple solve complex problems the way it happens in real life—only this time, professionals from a certain industry will walk you through it.

Under their guidance, you can expect in-depth insights on how things work that no textbook can fully explain in detail. Who knows, their brilliance might even rub off on you! #goals

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3. You see yourself in the future… or not.

If you want to be a future engineer, scientist or doctor, then this work immersion will give you a quick preview of your life years from now. You’ll be familiarized to the working environment and tasks that will be expected of you someday. Imagine getting the ~feels~ of working in a legit science lab or industry plant!

But if you’re one of those students who hasn’t figured it all out, don’t ya worry! At the very least, this short exposure can either spark an interest in you or make you realize it’s not really the path for you so you can just go ahead and carve another one. Win-win, right?

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4. You prepare yourself for the work life ahead.

While you’re still vying to get a good grade out of your work immersion subject, take every effort to maximize your time and learn as much as you can! After all, there’s so much more to the program than just upgrading your skills and competencies.

Make sure to engage with new people! They can help you improve your communication and human relation skills that by the time you finish your 80 hours (read: minimum work immersion period), you would’ve had developed good work habits and attitudes, and ready to join the workforce. #roadtoadulting

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5. You get to explore different places and have fun.

Learning is good, but learning with a view is better! After spending years of studying within the classroom, your work immersion expands the four walls and brings you to different places where you can learn and have fun at the same time. While it all depends on your chosen career path, you can bet on your learning experience to be nothing short of fun and exciting!

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Work immersion works, and it goes beyond these five good reasons! If you’re a Grade 11 or Grade 12 student, it’s time to put your STEM knowledge into action. Wherever you find yourself in for the training, seize every learning opportunity and make the most out of it. We’re excited for you, future STEM expert!

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