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All About Senior High

Your Ultimate Guide to Senior High School in the Philippines

Senior High School is the last 2 years in the K-12 Basic Education Program of the Philippines after Grade 10 (Junior High School) so this covers Grades 11 and 12. In Senior High School, students have four different tracks to choose from.

Tracks in Senior High School

Incoming Grade 11 students can choose from 4 tracks offered in Senior High School. This includes the Academic Track for students who are planning to go to college; Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track for students who want to gain tech-voc job-ready skills in the future; Sports Track for students who want to pursue careers related to physical education and recreation; and the Arts and Design Track for students who are interested in the design, creative, and performing arts industry.

The different tracks offered in senior high school will help you hone your talent and skills in various fields. Read everything you need to know about Sports Track and discover countless career opportunities that await you. Learn how TVL Track can help you have lucrative jobs in the future through tech-voc skills.

Senior High Voucher Program

If you need financial assistance, Public Senior High Schools provide free education for students. While Grade 10 completers who want to study in private schools can apply and benefit from the Voucher Program from the Department of Education.

Review Centers for Senior High School

One of the most crucial steps in entering your dream university is passing the school’s Senior High admission test; thus, setting aside time and using the right reviewing strategy is a must. Check out some of the review centers in the country to help you out.

Internships for Senior High Schoolers

Honing your skills and building your network are just some of the many benefits you can gain from getting an internship in senior high. Learn about the different ways on how to find the best internship program for you!

Application Requirements in Senior High School

Aside from passing your school’s entrance exams, there are certain documents you have to submit as well, as part of your application. Here are some of the most important files that you need to prepare.

List of Senior High Schools in the Philippines

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