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5 Useful Websites Every College Student Should Bookmark

College is a place to grow and get exposed to a new environment. You learn new things not only in your academic subjects but also in your extra-curricular activities. In such spaces, you end up meeting new people and you learn how to work with them. In achieving a goal, you get to see what people use to be productive.

Here are some useful websites that I’ve learned and used after getting into college. These helped me manage my time better, allowing me to make creative and artistic presentations, and find new opportunities way easier. Now I’m sharing them with all of you!

1. When2meet

Need to figure out a common free time for you and your friends or group mates? When2Meet is a website that will get that done for you. Each person needs to simply plot their free times into the time chart and it will be updated to show who is and is not free every hour.

2. Hangtime

One of the struggles at the start of every school year is remembering your class schedule. Printed in black and white, it takes a while to memorize what time and where your classes are. With Hangtime, you can personalize your class schedules and make them more visually appealing. Users can pick colors, fonts, and backgrounds to revamp their tabled schedules. The app also translates this schedule into a photo which you can save and use as your wallpaper.

If you add your friends on the app, you can check out their schedules and find out each other’s free times to meet. All these features are packed in a user-friendly interface.

3. Canva

Canva is one of the most useful websites you can use in your college life! It allows both beginners and experts to design graphics and other artistic collaterals. It has free templates and vectors for you to use from making sleek PowerPoint presentations to artsy calling cards to funky promotional posters, and so much more!

4. Unsplash

The best presentations are ones that are visually pleasing to the eye. When you do not have the time to take and curate the photos to match your slides, unsplash.com is free for you to browse at. With over hundreds and thousands of stock photos with varying subjects, this website collates the works of different photographers from all over the globe and publishes them for free that may be used in any project.

5. Kalibrr

Ever wonder how to make your summer break a productive and fulfilling one? Why not try taking on an internship? Seek one out through Kalibrr. It’s a Filipino startup website that connects job hunters to their industries. Having over 500 companies (including yours truly, Edukasyon.ph!), its user-friendly interface informs you about each and every company and also allows you to directly send in your applications and resumes.

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