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7 Times Moira Describes Our College Life

Obviously, Moira dela Torre has invaded our lives.

With the famous tagline, “Pasok Moira”, she is definitely one of those singers who we allowed to enter our lives. I bet you have already heard her songs from revivals to original songs.

With her angelic voice that can make us feel happy or even sad, no wonder she’s still active and relevant in the music scene, even after a year. And with her songwriting skills, she tells her stories while telling our story simultaneously. So I will let her describe our college life through the lyrics of her songs.

“You make me happy when skies are grey” – You Are My Sunshine originally sung by The Pine Ridge Boys

Picture that grey-skied Monday morning. The best feeling as a college student is knowing when classes are cancelled. It really makes us happy whenever skies are grey because we can smell the suspension of classes. With suspension of classes means more time to finish our thesis and projects!

“At tumigil ang mundo, nung ako’y ituro mo” – Tagpuan

You’re about to have a graded recitation but you forgot to review. You’re praying not to be called by your teacher during graded recitations. Suddenly your teacher points his finger at you and you have to answer that killer question. That moment is absolutely deadly. This popular line from the song “Tagpuan” really is the best way to describe this moment.

“Kahit ako’y titibo-tibo, puso ko ay titibok-tibok pa rin sa ‘yo” – Titibo-tibo

No matter how tough you are, your heart will still pound like a train – after all, these ARE graded recitations and surprise quizzes! We can agree that surprise quizzes are some of the worst things in school. So better focus on the lessons while your teacher is discussing.

“I know it’s been a while since our eyes last met” – Take Her To The Moon

That recitation where all of you are trying not to make an eye contact with your teacher. Though not looking at your teacher in the eye works at times, most of the time it doesn’t. Usually, those students who don’t make eye-contact with the teacher are the ones who have the higher chance to be called. So why not look at the teacher in the eye?

“Mahirap nang labanan mga espada ng orasan” – Malaya

Being a college or senior high student is really difficult. With your teachers giving you tons of projects, coupled with tight deadlines, sometimes it is impossible to fight the swords of the clock. When it’s time, it’s time. When it’s due, it’s due. So teachers be like ‘sorry not sorry’.

“Kung aalis lang, ba’t sinimulan pa” – Sabi-Sabi

When was the last time you wanted to say this line to your group mate? This is the perfect line to drop whenever your group mates leave you hanging on your thesis or project. Imagine – you started out as a group, then your group mates left you at the very last minute. It’s truly saddening, right?

“I haven’t fallen yet, But I feel it coming” – Before It Sinks In

You’ve never had a grade lower than expected. However, you did nothing but “walwal” in this current semester. Now you haven’t fallen yet, but you feel it coming. You feel that it’s the semester where you will get your first ‘D’ or worse, ‘F’. Well, Good luck to you!

How about you? Do you have more songs to share that remind you of your high school and college life?

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