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8 College Courses With Annoying Misconceptions

As college students, we’ve all had our fair share of different questions, insults, and compliments regarding the college program that we are taking. Sometimes, there’s no telling whether it’s a question or an insult –but most of the time it’s both. Chances are, it’s because they know very little about your course. Surely, some clarification is all they need!

Here are some of the most annoying questions about our courses.

1. Accountancy

“Eh ‘di magaling ka sa Math?” and “Saang bangko ka magta-trabaho?”

Those are just two of the many annoying questions that accounting students have surely heard. Every accounting student you’ll meet will most likely tell you that you’ll only need to know the basic mathematical operations. In addition, Accounting graduates are expected to become Junior Analysts, Cost Accountants, Tax Accounting Staff, Budget Analysts, Financial Analysts, NBI Agents, and Treasury Agents.

2. Psychology

“Psychology student ka ‘di ba eh ‘di alam mo kung ano ang iniisip ko? Sige nga, hulaan mo.”

Psychology students have probably heard this one a hundred times during their stay in college. Psychology students don’t spend their money and time to become fortune tellers! They are studying behavior and mental processes like emotion, intelligence, brain functioning, personality, and the likes. They can often be found working in clinics, hospitals, schools, and even business organizations.

3. Hotel and Restaurant Management

“HRM ka ‘di ba? Eh ‘di magaling ka magluto?”

Students of HRM have had quite enough of this question. Not all HRM students are master chefs, simply because HRM is not solely about culinary practices. They are trained to become professionals in the different sectors in Hospitality Industry. Some of these sectors are front office, culinary, tourism, hotel, restaurant, and resort operations.

4. Fashion Merchandising

“Siguro magaling ka magdesign ng damit?”

Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design are two completely opposite college degree programs. While Fashion Designers conceptualize unique and new clothing designs to bring into the industry, Fashion Merchandisers browse and select finished products to sell in stores.

5. Education

“Magti-teacher ka diba, eh ‘di alam mo lahat?”

Probably one of the most annoying questions for our teachers of tomorrow. While a teacher’s job is to enlighten us on what we need to know, teaching in itself is also a process of learning. No teacher you meet can claim to know everything. Teaching is a continuous learning process.

6. Physical Therapy

“E ‘di magaling kang magmasahe?”

PT students have grown fed up with this question. Physical Therapy degree is about the rehabilitation and treatment of those people with disabilities coming from illness, injury, and aging. If someone wants to become a masseur, he can enroll himself into a TESDA short course. The fact that students have to take this program for five years and later on prepare for the Physical Therapist Licensure Examination makes it clear that this degree program is no laughing matter.

7. Marketing

“Sales talk expertise mo diba, e di magaling ka mang-uto?”

Just imagine how many times Marketing students have had to keep their cool. First, not all marketing majors lie about the products just to deceive you. Second, marketing is not just about sales talk; there are numerous specializations for marketing, namely: brand management, public relations, digital marketing, advertising, sales, marketing research, marketing communications, and event management.

8. Mass Communication

“‘Di ba magta-trabaho ka sa TV networks? Ipa-autograph mo ‘ko sa mga artista ha?”

You’re lucky if you don’t have to constantly deal with this kind of question. On the contrary, Mass Communication graduates don’t only work in TV networks. Mass Communication centers on Journalism, Public Relations, Film and Television, Multimedia, and Advertising Arts. They can also work in radio stations, film companies, publishing houses, theaters, and even corporations.



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