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An Open Letter to Incoming Senior High Students

If you’re about to enter senior high…

Let me start by saying, you don’t have to have it all figured out. At least not yet!

Soon, you’ll be starting your senior high school experience and it will have a lot of challenges and learning curves along the way. If you already have an idea of what you want to be in the future – good for you! But if not, you’re doing just fine.

If you’ve seen Divergent, you’ll understand what it means to make a decision as you choose your strand. For someone who always knew he wanted to be a psychologist, choosing a strand was still a tough decision. It was tough because I also want to be a theatre actor, fashion designer, lawyer, and a diplomat. As the saying goes “you can be anything, but you can’t be everything.”

That being said – I decided to get into HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences Strand). Btw, don’t get fooled into thinking some strands/tracks are “chill” because it’s not true! Every strand/track will EQUALLY challenge you to your perceived limit.

There. is. no. such. thing. as. “chill.”  

Choosing your track/strand is just the first out of many speed bumps you’ll have to overcome. Being a Senior High School student requires a lot of determination. There will be deadlines and long hours that will make you want to give up. There will be last minute challenges that will make you want to breakdown and sob. Senior high school is a mountain, and you can’t get to the top without shedding your fair share of blood, sweat, and tears.

Now that I’m graduating, my advice for you is to NEVER GIVE UP. You’ll come across people who will say they’re losing motivation. You’ll have friends who will make “just passing” sound like a good idea – and when you are exhausted, sometimes you just want to give in – but, don’t!  

Don’t submit mediocre work even when you’re tired. Forgive yourself for the misspelled words you type in by accident when you’re writing a paper at midnight and just do better next time. Know that falling asleep on your laptop has probably happened to your classmates, too.

It’s going to be tough but you’re going to have to brace yourself. You’ll learn that juggling your tasks and preparing for college applications will do you well – even if that means feeling like you haven’t slept in months.

You’ll learn to take time management more seriously and accomplish your tasks early so you can rest and not be tormented by the anxiety from your unfinished work.

Have fun and enjoy every minute of it, because before you know it, you’ll be hearing graduation bells and you’re off to your next challenge! Senior high is the time you figure out where you want to go, who you want to be, and how you want to spend your life. Either you choose the right strand and learn that you know exactly what to do. Or, you choose the wrong strand and know what you don’t want to do. Either way, you win and you learn!

My greatest takeaway? I’ll be okay no matter what. Senior high may be done but college is right around the corner. And sure, there will be more challenges that might make me want to cry, but hey, I literally spent the past two years crying productively, might as well go for it!

Whether you’re a graduating senior high student like Marley or an incoming senior high student, I bet you’ll find a lot of helpful hack on our All About Senior High blogs at Edukasyon.ph!