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College Life: Finding Success Amidst Struggles

College life is not easy.  Every day, we are bound to face a lot of challenges. One of them is enrolling in college. This is especially true if you are in poverty lane because you don’t have enough money to support your needs and to go to the school that you wanted. Although there are many schools that offer scholarships or free tuition, it cannot be denied that there is the possibility of failing an exam and getting admitted in a course that matches your grades, not your plans.

But is it the end of the world? I say no, and let me tell you why.

College is way different from elementary and high school where there may be more opportunities to chill. There will be lots of ups and down, but it will help shape you towards a better life.

And if you study somewhere far from your place, or abroad, there will be times that you will feel lonely and long for your family, friends and even your hometown. You need to adjust to fit in. You’ve got to make new friends. You have to understand other people –their culture and tradition because the reality is, the world just won’t adjust for you. However, while you may have to blend in, you don’t really have to be hard on yourself. Just be genuine in your intentions, enjoy meeting new people, and let it come naturally.

You need to be strong to survive college.

You will face lots of professors with different personalities and you’ll have to deal with each one of them. More importantly, you have to strive hard as you move forward in different subjects to pass.

Living with limited resources, trying to make ends meet every single day, you will realize that education is the most sensible route to a better life —to help your family, to be able to do the things you want, to have the means to pay the debts and bills, and to stop worrying about what to put on your plate the next day.

Education is the key for you to defeat poverty.

Indeed, college can be tough especially when you don’t have money but bear in mind that these challenges should not hinder you to achieve your goals. You need to face the reality that college is a tough battle. It’s an arena that will mold your future and education will be the weapon that cannot be taken by someone.

You are the master of your show. Ignore all the hindrances. Pursue your dream no matter how hard it is. Don’t let anything pull you away from your success.

You may not be taking up your dream course, but do your best, strive hard and enjoy your college life!


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