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Difficulty Concentrating or Focusing? Try These Study Hacks!

There will come a time when you will find yourself face-to-face with your Physics, Calculus and Chemistry finals. You feel like you are the human embodiment of stress. Your blood is basically coffee at this point. As someone who has always had difficulty concentrating, it’s a huge problem when I need to cram a huge amount of information. These are the handy studying tips that I’ve used throughout my student life.

Throw your phone away.

Not literally, obviously, but keep it out of reach. It’s easy to lose focus every time you hear that buzz or even see the screen flicker. It’s a risk downloading study apps, no matter how helpful. One moment you’re looking for the integral of a function then you see your phone lying beside you and you just found yourself sharing and laughing at memes your friends tagged you in. This actually leads us to the next tip.

Difficulty concentrating? Seriously, remove distractions

Let’s face it, once you open Facebook, you will pretty much scroll until you have seen everything new on your wall. Then you will probably shift to Twitter then Instagram then Facebook again so you’re better off avoiding everything. You might also want to turn off your Messenger since it might be a pitfall when someone tried to contact you.

Never forget the Classics

As pretentious as it sounds, there’s a theory that proves that listening to Classical music boosts your concentration skills. Heard of the Mozart Effect? It proposes that classical music—guys like Bach, Mozart and Brahms to be specific—put students in a heightened emotional state, making them more receptive to information.

Divide and conquer

It’s important to compartmentalize. It’s more probable for a huge chunk of information to be disregarded than to divide them into sub-groups by categorizing it and taking them in by parts.

Say it, don’t spray it

Try to repeat your notes to yourself. It might be better than just silently skimming it. Muttering the words will create a memory of you hearing the words, not only reading it which will make it more distinct than others.

This time, spray it

Use a specific perfume when you’re studying, then spray it again on your exam day. Your brain will create an association with the scent and what you were studying. It will supposedly make your brain faster to remember the information that your brain gathered while wearing that perfume.

Treat yourself

You should create checkpoints or landmarks for every topic. When you’ve reached a certain point, reward yourself with something, it might be something small such as a piece of candy or something big, like pizza. Or even a well-deserved nap. It’s important for you to give yourself some acknowledgment so that you will be more motivated.

Vacate your desk

Clear everything out of your desk. Make sure that you have enough room to lay your notes out and everything that you will need such as extra paper, calculator or pen as it will conserve time. It will also help on calming you down when you feel the stress eating you.

Explain yourself

It’s one thing that you understand the topics that you have read. It’s different from when you can explain your ideas and your interpretation towards other people. Being able to make others understand something by explaining it to them shows that you have properly understood the topic.

Out of everything that I mentioned, the most important thing is this last one. No matter how many study tips you read, it still depends on you to find where your comfort zone is. You should use these tips to find out what makes you comfortable to make your studying more efficient.

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