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Edukasyon Wants You On The Blog!

Every student has a story to tell. And we definitely want to hear yours!

Join our team in our mission to inspire and empower millions of Filipino youth to make the right educational choices for a fulfilling career. After all, you are never too young to make an impact, nor your stories too boring to spark conversation in and out of the classroom. We’re sure of it!

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Be our next student contributor! (Check out previous works on our Student Portal blog section.) If you need a lil’ more convincing, here’s why:

You can pursue your passion for writing.

You don’t have to earn a degree in writing to write. Go ahead and do it! Thanks to technology, the online world has been a safe space for aspiring writers to put their thoughts into words, and follow their dreams. And you can do it, too! 

You’ll have a creative outlet outside school.

We know school can be stressful at times (okay, most of the times). Take time to chill and relax! Writing is a good way to loosen up from all the school work, and articulate your thoughts and feelings without the pressure of being graded… or you know, reach a word count. 

You can share your ideas in a growing community of students.

There hasn’t been any generation more open and connected as we are today. Let’s use it to our advantage! Technology gave us social media networks that gave us communities that gave us opportunities to connect with each other in a single click, comment, or emoji react. Let your voice be heard in a community of students who may feel, think and act the same way as you do. Who knows who your story will reach?

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The Topics We Love To Talk About

We’re cool with anything school stuff.

We’ve all been students once, and we know how a school day can range from 0 to 10 real quick. Tell us things that pique your interest in class or at home while doing your homework. Do you have a favorite subject or professor? Are you ready to say bye bye to student life? (Don’t worry, your submissions won’t be graded.)

Let’s talk about your future, too.

It’s never too early to talk about your dreams and aspirations in life. Time will come you will take your final bow on graduation day, and start a new adventure as a young professional. Let’s get down to business! Share with us your thoughts and expectations (and fears, if any) about- as Rihanna puts it- work work work work work work.

And of course, your life outside school! 

At Edukasyon, we believe in empowering students who are leaders inside and outside the classroom. Tell us about your hobbies, interests, advocacies, unpopular opinions, and feels! What’s life like for you as a son, daughter, sibling, friend, citizen or ___? We want to hear. all. of. it. 

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So You Have A Lot Of Questions!

Will I be paid?

Nah, at least for now! We do have paid, part-time writer openings but we reserve them for those who already graduated. If you’re a student but really, truly want to be considered for the part-time openings, we can create an apprenticeship program with you. When you submit your article on the form below, include a note saying you’re interested in the apprenticeship.

In the meantime, consider this as an internship or a freedom wall to express your ideas and improve your writing. Who knows, you can join our team in the near future! *crossed fingers*

What if I’m no longer a student? Can I still contribute?

Yes, as a part-time writer! Send your resume and a few sample articles to [email protected] with the subject “Application for Blog Contributor” and they’ll connect you with our editorial team right away. Note that the terms are a little different from our student contributors.

How many submissions can I send?

We say the sky is the limit! (And your time, probably.) Given that you have all the time in the world, go ahead and send in as many submissions as you want! Note that our editorial team will still handpick which ones to publish, and when those chosen submissions will appear on the blog. So keep ‘em coming and be patient!

How will I know if my submission is accepted?

You’ll definitely hear from us! If accepted, we’ll send you an update when your article has been forwarded to the blog team. We’ll also get back to you with the link when it’s published so you can share it with your family and friends!

What will keep my submission from being published?

To make sure your awesome ideas get published on the blog, remember to write articles that are only clear, genuine, and empowering to our readers. That being said, we don’t publish articles that are:

  • Unchecked with spelling or grammar errors (Consult your articles with our writing tools!)
  • Plagiarized or lacking credible sources;
  • Already published somewhere else;
  • Put others down;
  • Either rants, poetry, or fiction.

How do I send in my submission?

Awesome! We thought you’d never ask. Read on our submission guidelines below. 

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Submission Guidelines

Help us sort through a gazillion of awesome submissions (okay, we’re exaggerating a bit) we receive every day from you and other aspiring student contribs. To make sure we’ll be able to read through your work, please comply with our submission guidelines!

1. Read through this post one more time.

Just so we’re pretty clear we’re on the same page. (pun intended)

2. Prepare your submission.

Leave us speechless with your words, 500-1000 words to be exact. Ya know the topics already! (Don’t worry. We’re not looking for a Dickens or Shakespeare. We want you!)

3. Send in your submission through our Student Contributors Form. 

Fill out the form. Our editorial team will get in touch with you via email stat. TTYL

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Are you ready to be a student contributor at the Edukasyon blog? Awesome! Just a reminder that this form is for students only. If you’re no longer a student but are interested in joining our team as a part-time writer, please send your resume and sample work to [email protected]

Excited to write with us on the blog? Check out our Edukasyon blog for some inspo, and start writing down your awesome ideas. We’re looking forward to your submission!

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