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Life After College

Love is a very complicated emotion. You’re probably thinking it’s a love for another student, isn’t it? But no, this is not the kind of love you think I will be talking about.

Is it the love for friends I’ve been with every step of the way? For the teachers and the subjects that brought out the best in me, be it a major or a minor subject? Is it the school events or organizations behind it? Who knows what pulls me back to the school!

I graduated last May 2017 and up until now, I still can’t let go of my alma mater. It’s a very magical feeling to be so attached to your school in this way.

You gave it everything you’ve got — sleepless nights for reviews, head-aching exams, heart-pounding project deadlines, endless laughter with your classmates — and then suddenly, four whole years have gone by. You know that it’s over but there’s just this presence that keeps pulling you back. Is it wrong to feel this way? Maybe not.

Imagine your favorite cartoon show in childhood playing in your head, but instead of having a nostalgic trip every time you set foot on campus, all you want to do is to just continue making memories and savor the same feelings.

Many people say that once you’re out of college, it’s over, and there’s really no reason to come back. I often feel like I need to be doing the same things that my peers have done after graduation day.

“Go out and get a job!“Pursue your passion.” “Start your career now.”

I have the utmost respect for them, but I’m simply an outlier at this point, with much more freedom to decide what I want to do. And I’ve decided that the love I have for my college is something I want to keep nurturing.

My course was difficult and had limited resources since it was relatively new. But despite that, it made me realize my greatest potentials and made me who I am today.

Is that a reason why I want to go back? Is there a reason why I have this longing of unfinished business to attend to? That’s probably the love I’ve been feeling all this time, but really, who knows at this point?

All I know is that the course and my school never turned their backs on me, so I’ve decided I won’t turn my back on them.

It’s a great feeling that as you face the difficulties and see all the hard work you’ve done over those years in college, you’ll wear a smile on your face and proudly say you’ve done it. You’ve finished college. You’ve finished everything! You’ve made it! But It’s not over yet.



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