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Make ABM Your Asset

Have you ever thought of owning and running a business in the future? Or are you next in line in managing a family business? Have you ever thought of working in a corporate setting like being an accountant or a business specialist? If so, the academic strand, ABM, is perfect for you!


ABM stands for Accountancy, Business, and Management. This academic strand is for those who want to improve their knowledge in business management and strategies. It introduces you to new perspectives on how to form and manage a business and how companies manage cash flow. It also gives insights to the corporate world. ABM will teach you how to cater to consumers’ needs and make the business profitable.


What can you learn and expect from the ABM strand? Well, a LOT! You can actually plan out your dream business, from making a business proposal to making projected financial statements. You can even design your own workplace or products which will eventually help you strategize for your future journey as an entrepreneur!

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit

Business planning can guide you in determining the right target market as well as how you can actually reach them and promote your products or services! Through ABM, you will learn to create eye-catching marketing materials. You will also develop your communication skills especially when dealing with future clients, partners, or investors.


Learn the language of business

Do you want to be an accountant, auditor, or be in other finance-related positions? This strand will help you understand financial terms necessary in communicating using the language of business which is accounting.


Enhance your business acumen

Through ABM, you will learn how to identify the market standing of a business through financial statements! This gives you the opportunity of becoming a consultant or an analyst. You can guide investors in making the right investments and you can also help them further improve the operations and grow their company. Studying this strand also empowers and allows you to know the different legal policies that go with doing business here in the Philippines, as well as your rights and obligations.


ABM is indeed a very interesting strand. Not only is it beneficial to your career and skills, but also in developing your personality, as it helps you to go out of your comfort zone and teach you to take risks! You also get to communicate and socialize with others; as well as learn how to be professional and accountable. Remember, no one in the business field can ever be successful without taking risks! With ABM, you will know your numbers, balance everything, and it will be a credit to your profession!


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