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Quit Mindless Scrolling: Increase Productivity With These 4 Google Chrome Extensions

In today’s technologically-driven world, we’re living proof that a lot of student work gets done online. Most students have adapted to the paperless system, submitting school requirements in e-classrooms. We can research about anything in the world with just a few clicks, and even meet our groupmates through web application chats and calls.

This online shift has changed our lives drastically. But there’s a catch—even if we can do things faster, the Web also has its fair share of “sticky” distractions. To get rid of them, here are four  productivity Google Chrome extensions to add to your browser and help you work more efficiently:

1. Momentum

Here’s a visually stunning extension that aims to give everyone inspiration while working. Momentum presents a personalized dashboard on your browser, replacing the new tab page. Momentum will greet you with heartwarming quotes and stunning photos from around the world to help start your day right.

If you have a task to prioritize, you can set it as part of your daily focus and the app will present gentle reminders to motivate you.

2. Save to Google Drive

It’s time-consuming to bookmark, list or save  interesting photos, videos, and articles that you may come across online. But with the Save to Google Drive extension, in just two clicks, you can keep all the things you want to go back to. The entire webpage will be saved as a photo and placed directly in your own Google Drive for future reference. Neat!

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is an application that allows you to take note of everything, whether it’s a simple shopping list or an hour’s worth of lectures from your professor. It can keep track of websites, photos, and videos you would like to review or bookmark for later use. As a bonus, you can add your own personal notes and comments about each item before they are stored in your personal Google Keep.

4. Focus

You can get easily distracted from studying over the flood of notifications from Facebook, the latest and most interesting news articles, and even random cat videos. To combat this, Focus does exactly what you expect. The aptly-named app asks you to list the things you need to do and the websites that may distract you.

Then, it will block the listed websites for 25 minutes so that you can follow your to-do list and check each task off one by one. This is because the extension’s design emphasizes finishing small tasks quickly instead of mindlessly scrolling through your fave social media platforms.


You’ve reached the end of our list! These Google Chrome extensions will surely help lessen your procrastination and increase productivity levels instead. They make it easier for us students to save our favorites, focus our mind, and give us inspiration to power through our to-do lists. But remember, at the end of the day, it’s your own discipline and drive that’ll allow you to achieve your daily goals.