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The #ABMazing Bucket List for the ABM Student

Hello there, current (or future) Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) Strand student! Have you braced yourself for the rollercoaster ride that the strand has in store for you? Do not fret, because ABM is more than the unbalanced journals and ledgers that you often see students talk about online. 

To maximize the experience of becoming an ABM student, here are a few must-dos as you enter or before you graduate the strand. With this, rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the strand at its fullest.


Like or follow at least one Facebook page or Twitter account that posts ABM-related content.

Informal as it may sound, but I think that this is the first thing which you should do before going into the strand. By clicking “Like” on a Facebook page or “Follow” on a Twitter account, you see unfiltered, and genuine sentiments of students taking the strand. From there, you will get a better idea of what you’re getting into. 

Also, aside from getting a glimpse of the life of an ABM student, you would also get the chance to see other things which might be essential to you. These include compiled notes for specialized subjects, course outlines, and even words of motivation from fellow students. 

TIP: To find the best accounts to follow and groups to join, it is best to ask students who have already graduated from the strand. It is also great to find and join Facebook groups for the area/specialization which you wish to take, to get a hint of the life under that area. In my case, I joined Accounting Coach Philippines because I knew that I was going to take up Accountancy for college.


Join at least one ABM-related seminar.

Several ABM-related seminars are just around the metro. These are initiated by student organizations and companies alike. The topics of these seminars include Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Management, among other things. 

Most ABM-related seminars are not your typical seminar—where the only activity is to sit down and listen to a speaker. Some also have fun and insightful activities where you get to meet and interact with fellow participants of these events. Aside from meeting people from your strand, you also meet soon-to-be mentors and superiors as you begin your career in business.


Take part in at least one ABM-related competition.

They say that lessons are best learned through experience beyond the four walls of the classroom. It couldn’t be truer when real businesses, investors, and professionals are the ones commenting, suggesting, and providing constructive criticism on your output.

It sounds intimidating at first, but eventually, you get used to the idea of presenting yourself and your ideas in front of a crowd. That’s when you get to use the lessons you learned from the classroom. It reaches its maximum potential when you apply them to real-life scenarios. You learn to trust yourself and build the confidence that you need when it comes to dealing with people. 

TIP: When looking for ABM-related seminars and competitions, check out business organizations from different colleges or universities! They usually come during the months of November to March.


Invest in smart casual and/or corporate attire.

If there is one thing which I am certain of, it is the fact that as an ABM student, you will be presenting a lot, especially during Marketing classes and work immersion. Though these types of clothes are not the types one can wear every day, it is best to invest in them for the strand.

They do not have to be the most expensive pieces of clothing. However, when wearing such, they have to be well-laundered and well-pressed when worn to always create a good impression.

TIP: I usually get my pieces of clothing from Taytay (specifically Bagpi) for wholesale prices! They range from PHP 100 to PHP 200 per piece (even lower for smaller sizes). They also last pretty long since they do not require as much care compared to more expensive pieces of clothing. 


Make friends with at least 7 other ABM students from other schools.

One of the greatest things about being an ABM student is being provided with all sorts of opportunities to connect with fellow students from other schools and universities. You build these connections through the different group and team building activities that come along in seminars, competitions, and workshops related to the strand. 

TIP: A phone with mobile data is very handy, especially when I try to connect with the people I meet through social media. 

Get ready for the #ABMazing experience ahead of you, ABM student! The strand is tough, but I know that you are tougher than whatever challenge is in-store. I hope to see you soon in the business world!

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