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10 Tipid Hacks while Studying Abroad

Managing finances while studying abroad can be tough. Whether you’re saving up for a trip or just trying to survive day-to-day, being matipid is always a great lesson to learn! Here are 10 tips for those studying abroad.

1. Invest in buying a sack of rice.

We Filipinos love our rice. Buying it in bulk will save you a lot of money in the long run! Just make sure to store it well.

2. Cook for the week and make your own baon.

Cooking in bulk saves you not just money but time. Invest in those cooking skills and start making your own baon. It can be tedious but it saves you a lot of money and unnecessary buying.

3. Buy items wholesale.

You can buy meat, fruit, vegetables, or any products in bulk from groceries or stores that sell whem wholesale. When computing this at the end of the day, you can save a whole lot. This is also a great way of buying groceries with friends.


4. Choose part-time jobs that can feed you.

There are jobs that offer free meals and this can also help save you money. Examples of these are jobs at restaurants or hotels.


5. Say no to outings that will cost too much.

It is important to balance your academic life, work life, and personal life but you should always make sure that they make sense financially. Make a list of all your expenses each month and you might find that you’ve spent a bit too much on just beer.

6. Save, save, save!

Whenever you can, save some money and set it aside. This can be useful for emergency situations like losing your phone, your laptop crashing, or (god forbid) going to the hospital.

7. Coupons, stickers, and point cards.

Don’t underestimate the power of coupons and sticker collecting. Check out newspapers and magazines for coupons since you might be able to get discounts on certain products on certain days. It also helps to have point-cards for groceries that you regularly go to or sticker collecting promos since they might give you discounts eventually.

8. Room-share with friends!

Rent can be a big burden so sharing it with friends is the best way to make that burden easier. Just make sure you have really awesome roommates that you can get along with!

9. Get bus or train passes

There are special bus or train passes that can give students discounts on fares.

10. Buy discount items at groceries or shops after certain times!

Certain groceries give 50~70% discounts on their perishable items after a certain time in the afternoon. Try to figure those times out, wait for it, and stock up on the goods!

Hope you enjoyed this blog on 10 Tipid Hacks while Studying Abroad !



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