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10 Unique Things About Being An Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne Student

A student of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne conducted a survey among fellow students. Here are the 10 most interesting things about EHL student life you need to know!

1. As a student, you develop a skill for organizing events!

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne is famous for Fête Finale, Fête Universelle, and the Young Hoteliers Summit! These events either focus on social entertainment, cultural exchange or hospitality innovation and trends that make a great opportunity for students to network, have fun, and learn!

EHL students devote themselves to organizing these events and conferences since they get so much from it. With guest speakers and industry leaders always in attendance, students never fail to learn!

2. EHL has a robot. Yup, a robot.

You read that right. The robot is cute and can tell you everything about EHL!

“One morning I saw a small group of full grown adults that were squealing like kids around something. When I got closer I realized they were standing around the new robot that the school got. I just thought that it was hilarious to see middle aged people so dazzled by technology. Oh and it’s pretty cool that we have a robot.”, explains Antoine Dubach, Bachelor student.

3. The existence of a panoramic terrace does them wonders

Unfortunately, the terrace can’t be super wonderful all-year round but during the spring and the summertime, it can be a delight. Students enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and study sessions on the terrace that blesses them with a beautiful view of the Swiss mountains. It even had a beehive and its honey was sold at the school’s shop!

4. Berceau des Sens, the gastronomic restaurant

Aside from the terrace, the robot, and the amazing events, students also get to enjoy meals at the one Michelin starred Les Berceau des Sens (BDS)! BDS provides the students with incredible food and service that come from the students themselves! 


Not only can you have a fantastic business meeting over some wonderful grub but you can also head to the BDS bar after a week of stressful studying.

5. Food is ABUNDANT

Always have fresh bread and pastries in the mornings, be within reach of sushi every lunch, and enjoy tasty Nutella crepes at the Finger Food! Plus, you get to order Oreo milkshakes or customized smoothies at Bar Passerelle!

6. They have a gym with TRAINERS

Having a well-equipped gym on campus is already impressive. But having trainers in a gym located in a university! Now, that’s something else.

EHL’s gym trainers will not only help you get ripped and in shape but also create a personalized training and nutritional plan for you! They also have different courses every day of the week such as yoga, pilates, body pump, ABS and boxing!

7. Dressing you up for success

We’ve all been in a moment where we missed an opportunity just because of how we dressed! This can be a business meeting, a date, or a job interview. Fortunately, this kind of problem never happens for students of EHL since their uniforms are literal suits!


“It may be hard to wear a suit and to shave every single day, but this school is always filled with important people so I am glad that I am always presentable just in case I meet my future boss in the corridors.”

8. Healthy Food for the “Work Hard, Play Harder” life

It’s the reality everywhere that when you’re in a university, you “work hard, play hard!” For students of EHL, they always have the option of having a Green Detox breakfast at the finger food counter at 9:30a.m! They can also get an avocado toast with a fried egg on top!


9. Great bar staff!

Life is always great when there’s a witty bartender – yup, EHL has that too! The staff at the bar are famous for being hilarious and for having the best anecdotes and advice! Their bar manager was even quoted saying, “Behind every student hides an amazing encounter.”

10. A superhero-like security team

Having a roving, talking robot is already more than enough to beef up your security. Add world-class restaurants, uniform suits, great bars and students who rock a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle and EHL becomes chaotic in the eyes of security! Good thing for EHL students, their security is always on top of their game. 

“Once, I mistakenly locked myself in my dorm bathroom, so security had to break the bathroom door to save me.” – A student

There’s no doubt that these 10 things make studying a lot more fun! Studying in EHL could benefit both your Instagram feed and also your career.

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