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10 Ways to Know If Studying Abroad is the Right Choice

Are you still having doubts about taking that big step abroad? If you need a little bit more assurance to help you decide if studying abroad is the most viable option for you, ask yourself the following questions and answer as honestly as possible: 

Do you love traveling?

You don’t have to have traveled outside your country to answer this. It can be as far as your out-of-town trips in mountains and beaches with your family and friends. Did you enjoy the hike? Did it make you want to see what the rest of the world has to offer?

Are you curious by nature?

There’s more to life outside your home, and you’ll see plenty to explore outside your comfort zone. Are you eager to see more interesting sites and experience more adventures beyond what you see?

Are your travel papers complete?

Aside from your school application papers, are your visas and passport ready? Are you required by the university to submit additional documents, and if so, have you acquired those?

Are your finances enough?

This is a big step that needs a great deal of planning, and budget matters are no joke when it comes to studying abroad. Will your budget hold up for at least a year? Sure, most universities allow students to take part-time jobs, but you still wouldn’t want to end up spending more than you can, right?

Are your parents willing to support you?

No matter how big your scholarship grant is, it is still important to get your parents’ blessing and additional financial resources to help you get by!

Are you independent by nature?

Chances are you’ll have to spend a lot of time doing things on your own once you’re in your host country, and a great deal of independence can help you definitely help you adjust. You’ll need to learn how to cook, pay your own bills, wash your own laundry, and do most things on your own. Are you up for the challenge?

Are you fine with adapting to weather changes?

Popular study abroad destinations such as South Korea and the US have snow, while other countries such as those in the Middle East have high temperatures that are beyond what you’re used to. Make sure to have a stock up on appropriate wardrobe for each season.

Are you genuinely interested to learn about cultures other than your own?

You’ll be sent into a completely different world with different culture, religion, and beliefs that may seem unfamiliar to you, at first, and if you’re not open-minded about other people and their stories, you might need to start changing your perspective.

Are you ready for a long-distance relationship?

This is a challenge that can come up in the event that you decide to go abroad while staying in a relationship with a significant other. As in all relationships, open communication and trust are keys to making them work, and this is especially crucial to a long-distance relationship. But you’ll also have to put a fine line between your studies and your relationship. If you can establish that connection and commitment without sacrificing each other’s social lives every once in a while, then go ahead and tick this off.

Are you prepared to be away from your family?

Technology has definitely provided a multitude of ways of keeping you connected with the rest of your family, but studying in a different country can still put strains on any relationship, especially if you’re from a tightly knit family. Make sure that you’ve settled on plans with your family on how to regularly keep in touch, and more importantly, stick to that plan once you’re abroad.

If you’ve answered yes to most, if not all, of these questions, then you are definitely ready to study abroad! But no worries if you’ve said no to one or more of these questions. Take your time. Consider all your options. And don’t be afraid to postpone your trip if necessary. Ultimately, what matters is following both your heart and your gut, and if you think the experience will be worth it in the end, then go for it!

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