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10 Heavenly Foodie Destinations for Studying Abroad

What do you look for in a country for studying abroad? There are the obvious ones like the school and your preferred course. Next on the list should be food! Food is something you’re gonna have to go through everyday, so it’s a good idea to see what countries are serving up. Here’s a list of countries that we think that love food to a T!


French cuisine should always be worth trying out. From simple cafes to celebrated Michelin star restaurants, you can see the passion placed into each dish.  It’s not all about the fancy dishes and exquisite plating. There are many ways to explore cheaper alternatives- especially in the countryside. Many Michelin star restaurants actually get their ingredients in the rural areas, so you can have a taste of quality food straight from the roots. Don’t forget to stop by for some freshly baked bread, cheese and wine tasting too There are different varieties from each region!


One of the features of Mediterranean cuisine, Greek food is all over fresh and light courses. Modern Greek cooking makes use of plenty of vegetables, olive oil and both red and white meat so you could place the cuisine on the more healthy sides. Greeks love putting topping on their dishes as well with our very own favorite, cheese! Feta cheese can be seen almost everywhere, crumbled, cubed or just one whole block topped on their salads to main dishes.


Big servings of your favorite sausages and steaks in one plate!  You definitely can’t miss sauekraut, pickled cabbages, as your side dishes. End (or even start!) the day with their world-famous beer at a local pub!


Studying abroad made you miss home cooked food? Well food here in Indonesia will certainly bring you back! Indonesia’s meals are jam-packed not only with loads of food but also with various flavors! It’s one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines around the world, while being diverse as well with variations coming in from Indonesia’s many islands. It’s a melting pot of cuisines coming from West Asia, China and India, where you can see adaptations of curry, spring rolls and noodles. Make sure you try their Nasi Goreng, Indonesia’s version of fried rice which has a stronger and spicier kick compared to other fried rice.


Home of countless spices, how can India’s food not taste a mouthful? Vendors serving flaming curries line the streets of India, and you can eat them with rice or flatbread.


Pizza and pasta anyone? Time to try out authentic Italian dishes here! You might not know, you’ve been eating an entirely different thing this whole time! Get a taste of their fermented ham, proscuitto, paired with quality Italian cheese!


Who can say no to a sushi party while studying abroad? Japanese are very particular with their sashimi, so you’ll never get sub-par quality here. Don’t forget their other delicacies as well like their buttery wagyu beef, shabu-shabu (hot pot), and the heart and soul of Japan, ramen. Japanese cuisine always strives for a balance of dishes, so food here is always healthy!

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They say that Mexican restaurants can never compare to their street food. Just like how Tacos and guacamole served outside of Mexico can never compare to traditional dishes served here! Care to try out?

South Africa

Surprised to see South Africa here? This country is starting to get recognized as a foodie destination because of its fresh seafood by the coast. Their curry flavored with saffron is also worth mentioning.


Thailand has arguably one of the best night market street foods around. And this is their main selling point to study abroad students and tourists alike! Thai cuisine emphasizes on giving aromatic flavor to dishes, so it’s probably why you get so attracted to their food stalls! If you were to say “simplicity is key”, that just won’t cut it for Thai cuisine. They’re all about putting the right flavors to their dishes, so you’ll either get a burst of spiciness or a hint of sweetness in your dish. Make sure you try their Pad Thai, stir fried noodles with lots of veggies and shrimp!


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