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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Wanderfest 2017

Ever heard of “the world is your oyster”? It’s high time you found out exactly how true that is by launching your education to international heights at Wanderfest 2017: International Education Fair!

Yep! You heard it right. Edukasyon.ph, in partnership with Ayala Malls, will hold Wanderfest 2017: International Education Fair at Ayala Malls the 30th this May 26-27.

But hold up. Why should you even go?

  1. Over 20 foreign schools, internationally accredited high schools, and embassies will be there.

Your one thousand and one questions shall now be answered – in person!!!


  1. Find your your dream school abroad – and the scholarships that will get you there!


  1. Meet school representatives from all over the world – all looking for Filipino students!


  1.  Find out what an international education can do for you and understand what it really means to study abroad.


  1. Wait, did we mention scholarships? Find scholarships to fund your journey abroad, whether it be undergrad or postgrad! #blessed


  1. Get the best guidance from celebrities and professionals who have studied abroad as well!


  1. Find out why studying abroad can be the best thing that could happen to your life.


  1. AyalaMalls the 30th is oh so accessible. We even partnered with Uber to make it easier for you to get there. Want a promocode? Register today!


  1. Oh, did we forget to tell you that Wanderfest is free and open to everyone?


  1. Ready to take on the world? Join us at Wanderfest!

Save yourself from the hassle and register now!

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