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3 Advantages Of An Education From Loyola Marymount University

When you’re studying abroad, choosing which university to attend can be just as important as deciding on what course to take. Every school has a different set of perks available for international students. Sometimes these offers can be overwhelming to sift through and you finish your search feeling more confused about which school you want to attend. So how do you identify the right university for you? Aside from considering if you would fit into the campus culture, you should also ask yourself: What are the advantages of an education from this school?

Loyola Marymount University (LMU) might be smaller than other well-known universities in Los Angeles, California but its size has always been viewed as a strong point by students. Smaller classes make for more engaging learning sessions. Under the guidance of the LMU personnel, members of this close-knit community are able to branch out of their comfort zone and grow into career-ready individuals.

Do you want to know how studying at Loyola Marymount University has benefited students even after they’ve graduated? Read on to find out more about the advantages of an education from LMU!

Advantage #1: You’ll get a headstart on pursuing your dreams

LMU empowers its students to work towards their ideal career paths. Through the university’s Career and Professional Development (CPD) department, undergrads may choose to undergo regular career advisement and interview workshops. This allows them to get a headstart on pursuing their dreams.

Indah Gunawan’s journey towards her dream began unfolding during sophomore year. The Indonesian international student majoring in LMU’s nationally ranked Entrepreneurship program wants to establish her own cosmetics brand someday — and she’s already on the right track! Indah has secured an internship interview with multinational financial services company Morgan Stanley through LMU. She is grateful for the school’s support in leading her to this crucial opportunity.

indonesian international student explains advantages of an education in LMU

“LMU actively helps its students try to land internships and job opportunities. I’ve been dropping into the CPD (Career and Professional Development) office this semester quite often to get help on my resume and cover letter, and I’m so thankful that they are there to help make the process of establishing myself professionally a lot easier.” – Indah Gunawan

LMU students are prepared both academically and professionally. Pretty cool, right? This is only the first in this list of advantages of an education from LMU, so let’s move on to the rest!

Advantage #2: Internship opportunities at LMU could eventually lead you to a job at a renowned company

Aside from its Career and Professional Development department, LMU also has plenty of organizations which aid students in preparing for their future. Included in these organizations is the LMU Accounting society. This group plays a significant role in creating potential opportunities for students by inviting top accounting firms to visit the campus in search of interns.

This process is exactly how Winston Chang, an Accounting and Marketing double major during his undergrad years, began his career. Winston first got an internship at financial services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) through the Summer Leadership Program at LMU. The experience he gained as an intern at PWC eventually played a key role in his hiring as an Assurance Associate at PWC.

happy college graduate from LMU shares the advantages of an education from that university

“LMU has really helped me build personal relationships with my peers and faculty and develop my people skills – which is very applicable to the accounting field.” – Winston Chang

Alyssa Smith is another student who expressed gratitude for the advantages of an education from LMU. The marketing major braved applying for an internship at Quincy Jones Productions and eventually landed her first full-time job as a Junior Talent Manager during her sophomore year. Of course, juggling her academic and professional commitments were a challenge but Alyssa believes the experience is absolutely worth it.

woman of color shares advantages of an education from lmu

“I did have to withdraw from certain campus activities, but I knew this opportunity was one that comes once in a lifetime and will be very beneficial to my career down the line…I just had to jump in head-first.” – Alyssa Smith

Advantage #3: You get more post-grad options — and you’re equipped to take them on

Not everyone wants to dive into professional life after graduating college, and that’s okay. You have other options and the last item in this list of advantages of an education at LMU is this: you’ll actually get to learn about these options.

Not sure about taking the plunge into corporate life just yet? A year of volunteering might be the perfect way to ease yourself into a life of ‘adulting.’ This was what Joshua Mayfield did after graduation. The Marketing major lent his services to the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest and spent a year as a mentor and counselor at a youth center. He also participated in multiple immersion trips, which took him to countries like Jamaica, Ecuador, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

volunteer shares the advantages of an education from Loyola Marymount University

“LMU has not only afforded me the chance to travel a lot but has really opened my eyes to the world. I love that service is not only a practice at LMU but ingrained in the mission.” – Joshua Mayfield

If you’re driven by service and not opposed to a few more years of studying, then pursuing a postgraduate degree is another great option. Dillon Rinauro, for example, is headed to the University of Cambridge to begin his PhD in Biological Chemistry. 

gates cambridge scholar shares advantages of an education from loyola marymount university

“Social justice has become a very important aspect of my life, and my time at LMU really helped me realize how I can use my talents and skills to dismantle systems of oppression…To be able to give back to the community that has given me so much is a reward in [of] itself.” – Dillon Rinauro

Dillon cites his mentorship with Dr. David Moffet as a pivotal point in his time at LMU. The experience fueled his determination to pursue a study of the protein structures associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Are these the advantages of an education you’re looking for? Learn more about Loyola Marymount University!