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3 Reasons To Start Your Sports And Fitness Career In New Zealand

A well-recognized school, a healthy study-work balance, and easy-access recreational spots—having all these three things in one place makes a country the best choice for an unforgettable study abroad experience. But for specific courses and programs, it might be difficult to look for a country that has all three elements. Take for example, sports and fitness. Unlike other general fields such as business or marketing, international education related to sports and fitness requires more research. 

If you check online, there can be many countries that offer great courses for sports and fitness. But if you want one where you can work while studying and having fun, New Zealand can be the perfect place for you! And here’s why:

1. Study in one of the country’s globally recognized universities

University of Auckland ClockTower

University of Auckland | Source: auckland.ac.nz

Auckland, one of the major cities in New Zealand, is home to two globally recognized schools for sports and fitness. The School of Sport and Recreation at AUT University and the University of Auckland were recognized this year as two of the world’s best universities for sports science and management. As you pursue your career in this field, brand your resume with these schools, and be recognized worldwide like these universitiesm! 

2. Work up to 20 hours per week

young people working and smiling behind coffee shop counter

Source: youngadventuress.com

Studying outside of the country in general will cost you more money than usual. And being the practical Filipinos that we are, earning extra cash while studying is definitely a need! The good news is student visa holders in New Zealand can work up to 20 hours per week. Better news: students can work full time during scheduled holidays!

Not only does this help you with your finances, but also self-management. Taking a degree in sports and fitness is just as challenging as studying any other degree. That’s why managing your responsibilities and dividing your energy (given the limited time you have in a day) is a useful skill when working while studying.

3. Always be close to the beach

beach beside city in New Zealand

The town of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand | Source: blog.goway.com

If you look at a map, New Zealand is composed of two slim islands. This means wherever you go in the country, you’ll always find yourself near the sea! You can never be more than 80 miles far from the sea. Whether you’re a beach person or not, taking an hour or two just lying beside the beach during a sunrise or a sunset will relieve your stress and give you a breather from all of the homework and projects in school. And since you’re studying sports, you’ll be surprised at how many fitness activities you can do in the beach: ultimate frisbee, beach football, sand soccer, beach volleyball, beach rugby, and so much more!

This is just a short list of great reasons why New Zealand should be your top choice of country if you’re eyeing to build your career in sports and fitness. If you are not ready to go for a degree yet, you also have the option to get certificates and short courses in sport, recreation, and exercise in the New Zealand Institute of Sport. You have a lot of education options in New Zealand; all it takes is some research so you can make the best choice that you’ll love and enjoy.

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