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3 Things You Can Do To Break The Tie Between Your Top 2 Schools

Nothing is more difficult than being torn between two good things.

Sure, deciding has always been a tough thing to do. From the seemingly menial things like choosing where to eat (and ending up with the all-time fave kahit saan) to the more serious ones like deciding which school to attend (nope, you can’t just say kahit saan for this one!), we make decisions on a daily basis. It’s how we move forward in life.

When the usual “choosing the lesser evil” doesn’t seem appropriate for the situation, there’s always choosing the better good (if there’s such a thing). When it comes to deciding between your top two prospect schools, how do you weigh which one’s the better option?

Here are three things you can do to break the tie:


1. Research, research, research!

Time to put your intensive ~stalking~ skills to good use! Start doing a background check of your top two schools. Since good decisions come from a well-informed mind, don’t just settle with the information you see on their websites. Dig deeper, champ!

Aside from consulting your BFF Google, maximize your research and ask around. Find friends and other possible leads that can share insights about your options. Trust us, you’ll never have too many!

What you can research about:

girl saying google


2. Take a field trip

Sure, your friends’ stories are very helpful and all but it’s another story when you experience it firsthand. After all, their reality is different from your reality. Free up a day or two in your schedule to visit your top two schools!

There’s a good reason why schools initiate campus tours. One is to get the ~feels~ of the school atmosphere and other considerations that can either make deciding more difficult for you or break the tie once and for all!

Things you can do on your school visit:

girl inviting her friend

PS. If a field trip isn’t possible at the time, go back to your BFF! *opens Google*


3. Make a checklist

Sometimes, you think that you’ve got it all figured out in your head but still feel iffy deep down. Take a cue from the experts and write things down! When you’re done with your homework a.k.a research, and already got a glimpse of what it actually feels like to be on each campus, you can finally come up with your own tie-breaker checklist.

Remember that there’s no such thing as a perfect school, but there sure is a school perfect for you. What’s in a school that makes it YOUR dream school? List them down! Deciding becomes easier when you see the real score between your options.

What to include in your checklist:

  • Pros and cons of each school
  • Personal preferences (e.g. tuition fee, location)
  • School expectations

man writing down notes


Breaking the tie between two schools you both like ain’t easy. It’s like choosing one means letting go of something that could’ve been a big part of your life. But before the “what ifs” start rolling in, know that you’re better off choosing one than losing both. Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure you’ll do great whichever school you choose!

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