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3 Ways To Elevate Your Career For The Digital Age

It’s time to acknowledge the fact that technology has influenced and will continue to have an impact on the work life of today. The workplace itself is evolving. Everything from organization structure to workflow, and even individual work styles has been changed by the connectivity and additional efficiency that new technologies have brought to the table. With the changing workplace, is seems logical to ask: how do you elevate your career in this digital age?

There are many predictions on how digital advancements can directly affect the workforce in the future. Sure, all these developments made through technology are great but how will they impact future careers? It’s expected that certain skills rise in value, but what are they? While we can’t guarantee what the future holds, we can give you some tips on how to prepare for it. After all, the right mindset combined with the right set of skills can help you thrive in the fast-paced professional world of tomorrow.

So how do you elevate your career to make sure you aren’t left out any crucial opportunities? Read on to find out!

Embrace an innovative mindset

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We’re sure you’re familiar with the old saying: “The only thing constant is change.” As cliche as it sounds, this holds especially true now that we’ve entered an age where advances in technology are constantly changing and impacting different markets and industries. 

In this environment, having an innovative mindset is a clear career advantage. When you’re driven by innovation, adapting to change comes much easier to you. An innovative mindset can also allow you to see the big picture — you’ll not only see where existing market trends will take your industry in the future, but you’ll also be able to identify how to use these upcoming changes to the advantage of your brand.

The more open-minded you are, the better you’ll grow! Keep this in mind and you’ll be on the right track to elevate your career.

Grow your network

Connectivity is one of the most exciting things brought forth by the digital age. It has made getting in touch with people much easier. For businesses, this is a great advantage because digital platforms have enabled them to reach out to large consumer bases efficiently.

Connectivity has also changed the way professionals are able to connect with each other. You have social platforms like LinkedIn, which allow you to connect with different experts from around the globe. Here’s tip #2 to elevate your career: expand your horizons!

A wider professional network opens you up to more opportunities — not just for your career, but for any brand you work with as well. When you meet new people as a professional, be sure to send them a connection request on LinkedIn. You could even use this platform to join industry-focused groups and meet experts from your field. After all, the professionals you meet now could easily be the people you work with in the future!

Keep up with both global and local market trends

elevate your career by keeping up with marketing trends

In a rapidly-changing market, it’s important to stay on top of both global and local market trends to make sure your brand comes out on top. Because of this, businesses often look for professionals who are able to keep up with the trends to steer their brand in the right direction.

You can elevate your career by moving out of your comfort zone. Staying ahead of the competition often means being willing to learn beyond what you already know to take your skills to the next level. 

How can you integrate all this into one experience? Join the MScEGM Program!

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing (MScEGM) Program is a joint degree offered by two internationally-acclaimed schools: Hong Kong Baptist University and Grenoble École de Management. This joint-award program was designed to help ambitious individuals with entrepreneurial interests advance their careers. 

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Hong Kong Baptist University

By enrolling in this program, you’re assured to learn from some of the best global experts! Both schools are accredited by renowned business associations, namely: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).

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Grenoble École de Management

You’ll also be able to grow your network and meet individuals from around the globe as classes for the MScEGM Program are held in Hong Kong and France. Since English is the main medium of instruction, language won’t be a barrier for your learning experiences.

Lastly, the MScEGM Program also wraps up by letting students pitch in front of Angel Investors for a chance to acquire Venture Capital Funding. Anywhere from HK$ 250,000 to HK$ 1,000,000 can be awarded to successful pitches — enough to get you started on your own business venture!

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