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4 Academic Communities Freshmen Can Join At Loyola Marymount University

Every wide-eyed freshman goes through an adjustment period the moment they step foot into college. High school life and university life have many differences between them and — believe us — you’ll learn almost all of them by the time you become a sophomore. Still, the need to get accustomed to university culture is there and it’s a different process for everyone.

It makes you wonder, what more for freshmen studying abroad? Certainly they face a greater challenge. Firstly, international students have to adapt to university culture. At the same time, they also need to adjust to life in the country they’re currently living in. Finally, there’s also the challenge of coping with homesickness. Luckily for first year international students at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), academic communities are there to help them ease into university life better.

Getting started with Academic Communities

So what are academic communities, exactly?

Academic communities are programs set up by LMU’s Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering specifically for its incoming freshmen. Also known as learning communities, these programs aim to help students immerse themselves in campus life. Students of the college can join these communities to meet fellow freshmen who share similar goals and work towards them together.

Here are 4 academic communities that freshmen at LMU can join.

ACCESS (A Community Committed to Excellence in Scientific Scholarship)

freshman students of the access program of lmu academic communities

The ACCESS Program is a three-week residential program for freshmen at the Seaver College of Science and Engineering. This all-expense paid program prepares students academically by letting them experience collaborative scientific learning.

Benefits of the ACCESS Program include:
  • Prepare yourself academically and receive advice for your future career path
  • Receive a stipend that you can use on books
  • Develop your analytic skills while working with fellow students
  • Become part of a scientific network that can lead you to exclusive opportunities
  • Join career outings to: UCLA Medical Center, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island, and many more
How to participate?

Participation in the ACCESS Program is absolutely free! Once you get an invite, you can send in an application to join. Keep in mind that you will need to join all events and activities related to the program if you get in. 

LEAP (Life Science Early Awareness Program)

LEAP is a learning community for freshmen in the Life Sciences. Students taking up majors like Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Health & Human Sciences, and Environmental Science may participate. Freshmen currently under the Science Undecided major may also join.

Benefits of LEAP include:
  • Attend a seminar that will help you become a better scientist
  • Practice speaking and writing for a variety of audiences
  • Discover potential opportunities within the natural sciences
  • Reside in the LEAP Residence Hall Community
  • Join a 3-day pre-college program in Los Angeles, with trips to Griffith Observatory, California Science Center and the Aquarium of the Pacific
How to participate?

As long as you are an enrolled freshman from any of the Life Science courses stated above, you may join LEAP. All participants will be charged a one-time program fee of USD 200.

PEEC (Program for an Engineering Education Community)

Engineering major? The PEEC learning community is for you! First years majoring in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering may participate. Undecided Engineering majors are also welcome to join the fold.

Benefits of PEEC include:
  • Reside in the PEEC community residence where you can socialize and study with other Engineering freshmen
  • Join the PEEC Los Angeles Experience and visit the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), LA Metro Transportation, Disney Youth Education Series program for Physics, Port of Los Angeles, and WISH Charter School.
  • Participate in engineering service projects to explore growth opportunities
  • Work with a team of fellow students to plan, design, build, and analyse projects that can benefit non-profit organizations
How to participate?

As long as you are an enrolled freshman from any of the Engineering courses stated above, you may join PEEC. All participants will be charged a one-time program fee of USD 200.

CSSI (Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute) Extension Program

Incoming STEM majors at LMU can look forward to the CSSI learning community! This is a 3-week summer experience. It is an extension of Google’s CSSI Program, which is designed for people from backgrounds that are underrepresented within the STEM community.

Benefits of the CSSI Extension Program include:
  • Develop both soft skills and technical skills
  • Participate in a group project and create your own app
  • Get the opportunity to speak with and learn from Google engineers
  • Visit Google’s LA Office
How to participate?

Participation slots for this program may be limited but don’t be afraid to send in an application! Freshmen from Computer Science or any STEM related course may apply.

There’s a lot to choose from and definitely plenty of people to meet at LMU!

Which of these academic communities would you like to join?

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