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4 Soft Skills You Learn while Studying Abroad

Lectures on your majors are indeed important. It’s important to learn about world history, calculus, chemistry, and the like.

However, the skills you garner in your learning process matters just as much. Studying abroad is indeed a challenge, with the extra adjustment of being halfway across home. With that also comes learning new things about yourself and new things to make yourself a better person.

Here are the soft skills you garner when studying abroad!

1. Adaptability

Studying in a new environment leaves you no choice but to be adaptable. Living alone is a big adjustment; it’s much different now and you have a greater responsibility. Back home, maybe your parents would prepare your food for you and now, you have to prepare your meals yourself. You must learn the skill of quickly adapting to change, whether big or small.

2. Communication skills

Being able to talk to people is one thing, understanding them is another. Communication skills are crucial in building new relationships and keeping old ones. You are able to empathize with other people’s feelings as well as get your message across without causing misunderstanding.

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3. Conflict resolution

The ability to problem solve is something that every single student must be able to master, whether studying abroad or not. You are now in what your high school teachers would refer to as the real world. You are continually presented with unfamiliar situations that may stir up some sort of problem in your life.

Conflict will always be present and one must master the skill of being able to understand the root cause of an issue and solve it from there.

4. Intrapersonal skills

Although team spirit and interpersonal skills are usually emphasized, the most excellent soft skill that you can garner is truly the ability to understand yourself.

Entering a new environment is indeed scary, but with the unfamiliar comes growth. Use your study abroad opportunity to be more independent. Learn more about yourself, how you deal with others, and how you deal with whatever comes ahead. For you to be able to understand others, you must first understand yourself.

Throughout your study abroad experience, you’ll be to garner several skills that will definitely help you in the long run. Some of which are adaptability, communication skills, conflict resolution, and intrapersonal skills.

These skills are all crucial in being able to apply what you have learned as you enter the workforce. It is with these skills that you are able to truly make a difference outside the four walls of the classroom.

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