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4 Ways To Study Abroad For Free

Studying in another country is an exciting chance to learn new ideas and insights that you can bring back home; and the excitement doubles when you get to study abroad for free—or almost free of cost! Fortunately, there are schools and organizations who sponsor education for deserving students. There are also clever ways to score an affordable study abroad experience.

If studying abroad has always been in your bucket list, check out these tips so you can fly to your dream school in no time! 

1. Apply for a scholarship

Let’s get real here. While studying abroad seems like a thrilling experience, it could leave your wallet empty! Think about the fare, tuition, and cost of living when you’re studying abroad. Yikes! But with a scholarship, you’re less likely to worry about the expenses.

The good news is there are different types of scholarships that you can apply for depending on your financial capacity, interests, and skills. And you don’t need to be a genius to land a scholarship! As long as you can speak your mind clearly (for the interview part), have good grades (for an academic scholarship), and are passionate in what you do, you’re a candidate for a scholarship!

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2. Apply for a fellowship grant

A fellowship grant is a scholarship for research purposes. This privilege is offered to undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in conducting research and attending a short course on a certain topicsuch as agriculture, education, environment, or human rights. You get to pick a topic close to your heart!

If you receive a fellowship grant, you get funding for your research expenses, living expenses, tuition, and return flight tickets! You’ll be living the dream!

3. Look for cheap flights

Cheap flight tickets will keep you away from splurging. Ever heard of “piso fares”? Well, this kind of promo can’t assure you a one-peso fare exactly, but you’ll definitely get a huge discount on your flight tickets! Keep a close watch for announcements of airline companies because these promos are real! Just be mindful of the dates when you’re in the booking process. You don’t want to be too early or too late for your study program.

Another proven technique is to book your flight in advance. Booking your flight a year or several months ahead can keep you away from splurging. This technique will help you save money for your other expenses such as clothing and food. Spend your money wisely!

4. Find a sponsor

If there’s a will, there’s a way. There’s nothing wrong with asking people or organizations for help. You can write a letter or meet with them personally to express your interest in studying abroad and why funding your education would be worthwhile. Not everyone has the guts and courage to ask people for help. Take this as a step to build your confidence, not to break it. There are also several online fundraising platforms that can let you reach out to more people. We’ve heard of success stories of determined students who managed to raise enough money to study abroad through such platforms!   

An opportunity to study abroad for free or almost free of cost is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. So make sure you seize every moment of the experience.

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