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5 Cool Places to Study in Asia for 2019

One of the biggest factors to consider when studying abroad is the country you’re moving to. The experience to study in Asia could be a thrilling adventure, after all, it is the world’s biggest continent. Whether you’re from the other side of the globe looking for something new, or from within Asia looking to get to know your Asian roots better, there’s always something grand about this continent.

Here are 5 cool places to study in Asia this 2019!


Being the second largest developed economy in the world, there is a lot to learn from Japan. And whether that’s learning inside the classroom or outside of it – learning experiences are something Japan can guarantee you with. From UNESCO heritage sites, natural landscapes, and good universities, you’re sure to be leveling up on the knowledge and the fun! You’ll even learn a lot on discipline and work ethics while you’re at it. Personal and professional growth? Check!

If you’re thinking culture trips on weekends, delicious food, friendly locals, and neon lights – Japan is the way to go.

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South Korea

Ain’t nothing more exciting than watching the old and new seamlessly come together. And that’s life in Korea! Watching new culture being integrated in old traditions through innovative technology – you’ll be telling yourself how cool it is to be alive rn. Plus! If you’re a tech-lover, Korea has schools specializing in technology and robotics. Being the “tech hub” of the world, there’s no better way to learn than from the best!

If the kind of student journey you’re looking for when you decide where to study in Asia is all about the city life on weekdays and mountain tops on weekends, Korea might just be your new favorite place.

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If your life goal is to be a business giant then choosing China as your destination to study in Asia could be one of your best decisions. Because China is the world’s largest thriving economy, it’ll be great for you and your CV to learn a thing or two from its business environment. A lot of people are already figuring that out – no wonder it’s become the most popular non-English-speaking destination for students! Did I mention that they have one of the largest and strongest higher education systems in the world?

Yep! So if you want to know the ins and outs of business, expand your network, and learn the language a lot of business giants are getting familiar with – China is your place! Don’t worry it doesn’t mean all you’ll do there is business, you’ll have weekends trips to breathtaking sites like the Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, and of course the Great Wall!

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Singapore is a melting pot of diversity – be it cultural or religious. No wonder Singapore’s core principles are meritocracy, multiculturalism, and secularism (being free to choose your religion)! If what you’re after is a fresh perspective, Singapore will be the perfect destination for you. After all, it has a reputation of being one of the leading countries for research and innovation. On top of that — the crime rates are almost non-existent and they have one of the lowest levels of unemployment, too.

With an abundance of culture and official languages, even – you’re sure to see the world with fresh eyes. Plus! Singapore sits in the center of Southeast Asia, which means you can spend your breaks in other Southeast Asian countries which are just a boat ride away! Ehem, Bali, here you come!

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known as the place where “East meets West.” Probably because of how the British have successfully inculcated their culture within Asian traditions. But that’s not the only influence they’ve left in Hong Kong. In fact, a lot of universities have English-taught degrees, making Hong Kong a great place for business and trade.

With its “East meets West” characteristic, it’s grown to be one the sought after financial centers in the world, together with New York and London! Asia represent! So if you’re looking for careers in commerce, finance, and trade – you might wanna get a head start by studying in Hong Kong!

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Choosing the country you want to study in, is one of the major steps you’ll have to take when deciding to study abroad. At the end of the day, it’s important to determine what you want out of your study abroad experience, and how you intend to use it for your own growth. There are a lot of things you learn from studying abroad. You learn to be more independent, understanding of other cultures, and you figure out what you REAAALLY want for yourself.

If you’re still in the fence on which country to go to, it helps to do a bit more researching. We got you covered – check out our study abroad blogs on Edukasyon.ph!