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5 Things You Need to Do when You Arrive at your Host Country

Congratulations on getting accepted into your dream school abroad! You just got off the plane on to your destination and you got the chills and excitement at the same time. As you step outside the airport, you can’t help but wonder: what am I gonna do now?

For sure the school days wouldn’t start as soon as you land your study abroad destination so you would have few days to prepare, relax and enjoy before the big day starts. If you’re still unsure of what you should do, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a deep breath and stay calm

Most students who come abroad to study are most likely nervous upon arriving at their destinations and it’s normal. Only a few go abroad without feeling any nervousness in their systems and it’s okay if you’re not one of them. You just have to firmly believe in yourself and everything will fall into place.

Research about the place you’re at

It doesn’t take much to know about the place you’ll be staying at for quite some time. Researching might come in a handy. You can look for hang-out places, coffee places to study, leisure parks, tourist spots– the possibilities are endless. It just depends on what kind of place and activities you’re into to get started. You can also look for the brands they have, because it may differ from your country of origin.

They probably might not have the same brand names where you’re going. Things like Tide, Cheerios, or Chippy might exist, just under a different name. Don’t freak out, you’ll adjust quickly. Some things like Coca-Cola are going to be pretty much the same (although they might have different terms for diet and light variants). Take comfort in the fact that not everything will be different.

Stroll around!

Aside from enjoying yourself on the first few days, it will also help in familiarizing yourself in the process. Google Maps may be a big help in navigating, especially you’re new to the place. You can also canvass and see the prices of the common goods you may need for your convenience. It’s like hitting many birds with one stone. It doesn’t hurt to give a try!

Create a foreign bank account

Creating a foreign bank account actually isn’t all that complicated. Your best bet is to see if your host school recommends a bank (or branch). You can take advantage of your host school’s connections and maybe get better rates. They can also be beneficial if you need a little guidance.

Although it’s not always necessary to open an account, there are some benefits. You won’t have to worry about withdrawal fees or exchange rates anymore, and you can sign up for a monthly phone plan instead of paying as you go. Some people find it worth a try, some don’t. It’s all up to you and what works best for your personal study abroad budget.

Start budgeting your allowance for the first month!

This may be the ultimate preparation you can do upon reaching your host country. After strolling around, you now have an idea of the prices of the commodities and most likely ready for budgeting. Try researching or reading on some articles to help you budget your way to success.

Preparing is the best way to start your journey upon stepping foot to your study abroad destination. Follow these tips to help you clear your decks upon arrival!

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