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Affordable Countries for Study Abroad

Not many people are aware that there are affordable countries for study abroad, even though the cost of studying abroad is the biggest challenge for most people. Well here are some countries where you can study abroad for lower costs, sometimes even with free tuition!


Affordable Countries for Study Abroad germany

It might be surprising to find Germany in a list of affordable countries for study abroad. But more and more Filipinos are applying to schools in Germany each year. This is because tuition fees for undergraduate programs are free in public German universities for both international and local students. The only fees you have to worry about will be the administration costs, (averaging around USD 160 – 295) and living costs!

If you wish to minimize your cost of living, you may want to consider studying in Munich or Berlin, as they are ranked among the most affordable cities to study in.

Along with low costs, Germany also offers an outstanding higher education system which is recognized by companies worldwide! In fact, more than 40 German universities are found in the QS World University Rankings, and it is considered the third best place to study abroad, next to England and America.

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Another surprising country that made the list of affordable countries for study abroad is France. Although France may not be as well known for its higher education system, many universities there offer very affordable tuition fees – some French schools offer undergraduate programs for as low as USD 200 per year! Keep in mind that these costs may increase depending on your course; for example, medicine and engineering courses will tend to cost more.

Similar to Germany, most courses in French universities are taught in their native language; however, there is a growing number of courses being taught in English. To maximize your experience when studying in these countries, we recommend you learn basic French before proceeding to college. 

Living costs in France are also relatively cheap. Although expect that prices will increase slightly if you choose to live in Paris, the capital city of France. 

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Czech Republic


Students who are able to speak Czech fluently will be given free education at their public universities. But don’t fret! If you wish to study in English, you will be asked to pay a small amount of USD 4,260 per year, a small price to pay considering some schools in the US can charge upwards of USD 20,000. Living costs in Czech Republic are also much cheaper compared to other European nations, costing you around USD 4,200 to 9,000 annually. Czech’s capital city, Prague, is listed at 30th place in the QS Best Student Cities 2017.

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While Italy doesn’t offer free tuition, their public universities have very affordable tuition fees, ranging from USD 900 to USD 1,100. The cost of living in Italy is also relatively affordable; expect your yearly spendings to be somewhere between USD 12,800 to USD 19,200 – this is probably why many Filipino communities can be found all over Italy. Moreover, two of Italy’s cities, Milan and Rome, can be found in the top 100 best student cities worldwide.

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International students who wish to study in public universities in Spain can expect to pay around USD 700 to USD 1,500 yearly, which is around the same price of colleges in the Philippines. Tuition fees are determined based on the amount of credits the course offers, therefore, graduate courses may cost more. Living costs in Spain would cost you USD 11,500 to USD 14,000 annually. 

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As the last country in our list, Taiwan is ranked 16th in the QS Best Student Cities 2017, and it is best known for its cheap living costs. Tuition fees in Taiwan are also very low; in fact, National Taiwan University, (NTU) one of the Taiwan’s leading higher education institutions, offers its undergraduate courses for as low as USD 3,200 – USD 3,900.

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If you’re interested in these affordable countries for study abroad, be sure to check out our study abroad country guides and find out how to study in the country of your choice!

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