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Agri-Food Technology: Your unsung future career path

The MSc in Agri-food technology is designed to prepare students for a career in the world’s biggest industry, agri-food. This industry has all the large employers– agricultural companies, food manufacturers, producers, and retailers. Aside from all of these opportunities, the chance to build your own company is possible with the help and support from the University of Lincoln Enterprise hub. With this course, the career advancement in the fields of technical, marketing, distribution, plant supervision and product development will help the student grow in a wider scale. agri-food technology

university of lincolnIn pursuing the path of Agri-Food technology, you can have careers in the agricultural sector. Major domains within the agricultural sector include agribusiness, R&D organizations, public and private agencies, government and policy-making agencies, and private consulting companies. Agricultural science involves research and development on production, processing, productivity of crops and end products for consumers. Agricultural science professionals play a vital role towards maintaining food supply of the society. Major activities include improving the quality and quantity of farming, improving crop yield, minimizing labor, conservation of soil and water, and pest control.

The overall aim of the MSc taught programme is to produce postgraduates who will be aligned with the needs of agri-food industries. Both these sectors have relevant industrial applications with a diverse range of career options that might become accessible to graduates from the M.Sc. in agri-food technology.

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