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Be part of the action in the next Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation

A huge factor for any country’s growth is international trade. It provides jobs, economic growth and prosperity, and good international relations. But one trade negotiators face nowadays is protectionism, or the restriction on imports through taxes, and other government regulations.

That’s where the Hinrich Foundation in partnership with the University of the Philippines Cebu comes in with the Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation. It takes place on October 27-28, 2018 at UP Cebu.

In this immersive and interactive learning experience, 48 university students from Cebu can learn all about the opportunities and challenges in global trade. This is a perfect spot to sharpen those negotiation skills and take those first steps as potential trade negotiators.

What is a trade simulation and what can I expect?

The Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation is an experiential initiative by the Hinrich Foundation to help students learn firsthand about international relations. You’ll be immersed in a reproduction of a trade negotiation and learn about the dynamics from experienced trade negotiators and experts.

Simply put, you’ll be put in a 2-day life-like trade negotiation situation. Teams will be grouped into 6 countries and strive to reach a consensus. You’ll be coached by experts so you can learn on the spot.

Expect to enhance your knowledge of diplomacy behind the scenes. The negotiation skills tactics you’ll learn at this simulation will be useful in your school, work, and real life. You’ll get to meet interesting people, professionals, and experts as well!

Who can apply for the Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation and how?

Students in their 3rd and 4th year of university and graduate students under age 25 are eligible to apply. They should be currently residing in or the surrounding areas of Cebu.

Students interested in trade and studying international relations, political science, economics, business management, and other related fields are welcome to join.

You can download the application form here.

No participation fee is applied, but you will have to pay a PHP 500.00 deposit that will be refunded after the conference.

Sound interesting? Learn more about the event here

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